Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Food Lady

So much in life is learning the fine balance! I have never really struggled with the balance of how I want to live my life.....or what is important to me but I have struggled, and still do, with how to express that to the world.  How do I live staying true to my values and choices while not offending or some how threatening others? I don't know.......I have watched others who I admire and do it well, honouring themselves without offending but often when their backs are turned they are called names and eyes are rolled. 

I know that I have made choices in my life that are not mainstream.  Everything I am told to do, to take, to own, to buy, to ingest, I take with a grain of salt and then research it myself......I do this with foods, medicines, all products and life style choices.  I am in life a researcher (but not by profession) and tend to do my due diligence.  In a world based so heavily on money and wealth, on disposable and not quality, on instant gratification and not well thought out investments......on perception and not reality, I stand with a small group of people who have decided to 'not buy it'! Actually and philosophically.

I am taking the honour and gift of this life, and my children's lives seriously. I am not a religious  person but I am a person of great faith, I believe in something bigger than me (I am not arrogant enough to think otherwise) I just don't believe it is a person.  I believe in souls, I believe in energy, good or bad, I believe in the power of Mother Earth and a greater good. I believe I should be thankful for these things everyday. But I also believe that our health and our  impact on the earth and others is our own responsibility and can not be deferred to and dependent on someone else. As frightening and overwhelming as it might be, these things are our own responsibility. I also believe that if I am doing the best I can, I have to believe that so is everyone else.  In the words of Oprah (although I don't believe anything she says is actually her words but made famous BY her) "You know better, you do better"

So in living this way I try to be respectful (without always having respect for) how others have chosen to live their lives. Where this becomes difficult is now with my (somewhat self imposed) title of 'The Food Lady', when being asked my opinion on do you finely word that I don't give my children milk to drink and never have when being asked for advice on what fat percentage of milk to give your kids? How do I walk the balance of advice without a perception of judgment? How do you inform without offending?  What makes this all the more confusing is that it is only some that are offended or take my choices and ideas as some sort of judgment on them.  How do I know who and how? And how do I do all that and honour myself?


Anonymous said...

Very very simply. Ask yourself, would it be easy to take what I want to say, as criticism? If so, use your voice sparingly. Don't shut-up. Don't give up. But do give others the opportunity to live their own truth, in your presence. And do your best to remember that your middle name (one of them at least) is Grace.

Oh, and one more thing to remember! Hippies are a bit of a bore. ;-)

Love, C

jaguarfan904 said...

You are perfect. You have a gift. That gift inspires and encourages any who will weed between a sometimes faulty presentation, and actually begin thinking for themselves instead of letting "them" rule their lives. While I don't think your presentation is EVER faulty, I have known you my whole life. I hang around some pretty smart people and few leave me wanting nothing out of a conversation like you do. I mean who can talk for 5 hours on the phone? WE CAN.
I AM a person of faith, I know their is something bigger than me, and people who will admit that are the same people who will listen to the opinions of others. And a person like that is almost always the smartest person in the room.
The Elder