Wednesday, 24 November 2010

36 momths and totally late

Dear Bedo and Gabes

I suck......I really suck. I have been trying to stay on top of too many things and this fell to the wayside. I am sorry. The problem is I can't see life slowing down enough to feel caught up on anything for a while. I think this week is the slowest week I/we have in a 4 month stretch of crazy. The last 6 weeks have been full of birthday parties, yours and others, doctors appointments, meetings, play groups, and play dates. And you guys are as amazing as ever. So although I have been terrible at writing these I have been good about taking notes, pictures and video lately....although I still have no idea how to post video on here......

The last few weeks you two have been talking up a storm. It seems like it just started one day that suddenly you were talking in complete sentences. I could fill pages of the funny things you have said. Here are a few....


You came running up to me eating a granola bar "It's a great granola bar, isn't it Mummy? and then laughed like a crazy person

I overheard you as you put on your shoes today "oh no, my shoe ate my foot"


At the park 'Camel Toe' mom (she has a camel toe EVERYDAY and I don't know her real name) tripped and almost fell. Without thinking I said "oh no Camel Toe!!" Luckily she didn't hear me but you pointing and yelling "Camel Toe" she did hear

"what's that noise?". "what noise Bea?". "it's my tummy 'gergaging"

While looking out the front window at a squirrel "Look Mommy, Squirrel has feather in it's bum"

I caught you picking you nose and you told me "my boogs are stinky"


I go get Gabe from naps, he notices that Bea is already up. "Hi Mommy, Bedo aw-weady awake, let's go get her. I love Bedo. He aw-weady downstairs". We got downstairs and Bea welcomes us with "Happy Birthday Mommy and Gabes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!"

You have named the fish they chose from the pet store yesterday "Goldie" (Bea) and "Other Goldie" (Gabe) but when you say it it sounds more like "Go dee" and "Udda Go Dee"

‎Took you to a music class, Bea danced and played while Gabe yelled that they were being too loud

This month was full of firsts. Bea got her first ever hair cut. It was a trim really but it was much needed and kinda sad. Daddy took you on one of my days 'off' Really he took Gabe in but he asked you if you want a hair cut and you said yes so he went with it. Apparently you liked it and behaved so well that the lady cutting you hair have you a 'do' which you loved and made of point of showing me how pretty it was.

We also had our first trip to Riverdale Farm. This isn't entirely true. Grammy and Daddy took you guys to the zoo early last spring/summer and it was still during the stage that Bea was scared of animals. I wasn't there but apparently you started screaming as soon as you saw one of the animals and you were so scared they had to come home. But you are long over that now. You guys loved it...especially feeding the goats

You guys also saw your first movie!! We took you out to Toy Story 3. The plan was to go to a regular viewing of the movie but when we got there it was still being shown in 3D. We didn't think you guys would keep the glasses on but for the most part you guys were pretty good about it. I have to admit I got fed up with them after a while too

This month was also your birthday. I know it seems that that should have been one of the first things I should have mentioned but your birthday is at the end of the month so I mention it last. It was also Sophie's birthday and she had her party the weekend before yours. She had a clown at her party that Bea wasn't to fond of but Gabe enjoyed the balloon animals and allowed her to paint your face but only if it was Thomas

This year instead of wreaking our house we decided to wear you guys out at the indoor playground you love so much. Because it is a public playground we weren't allowed to take pictures but we did get some videos in the private party room we got. Gabe you really don't like LOUD and cried as we sung Happy Birthday.

After 2 hours of pizza, cake and fun there we headed back to our house for trick'or'treatin and hot apple cider. The family was here along with a bunch of friends. You guys loved it and your costumes were insanely cute

Both of you LOVE Halloween and talk about it for weeks after. I was asked long after about the "scawee houses" and "punkins" I guess it is a good thing that you were born so close to it.

AS always and for always, I love you more everyday

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