Monday, 27 September 2010

35 Momths and 4 years Married

Dear Beans and Lil'Man,

The months just keep flying by. It doesn't help that I have been super tardy writing these and usually just finish one and the next is due. Part of the problem is this current blog spot, I am seriously considering just paying for a website. Yes it would be more complicated at first as I set it all up but once it was done the upload of pictures and videos would greatly improve.

While last month was full of major family events and outings this month was more Daddy and I getting a chance to do some stuff on our own. I got to go to the Harry Potter exhibit with a friend (give it 5 years and you guys will totally get it), I got to can 100 lbs of tomatoes with Noah, I went to a Indian cooking demo with a very famous Indian chef. Daddy had a big night out with the guys to celebrate before Steve's baby comes next month, and he started weekly hockey up again. But we did have our share of fun family craziness. Including lots of trips to the park

To pick up where we left off last month....the Ottawa gang came to town for a baseball game and it happen to coincide with my birthday weekend. On the Saturday night after the game the gang came back to our house for BBQ. It was nice to have the Ottawa peeps here and play host to them for a change. I made myself a gluten free cake and after all the success of Meaghan's cake I think I got cocky and made one for myself that completely fell apart. I decided to run with it and iced it brown and named it 'the turd' There was just no chance of making it pretty. Everyone said 'the turd' was delicious. We didn't take any pictures at all that weekend (I think daddy took a couple at the game) and Emma sent me a couple. You guys love having gangs of people around to play with and Bea loves having "Two Papas" (Papa and Papas twin brother Glenn)who both give you loads of attention.

This month has gotten more interactive. Not only are you two playing with each other more but you are having real conversations with us. And repeating back to us the funniest stuff or coming up with stuff from I don't know where.

Gabe comes running into the room, "It's a good cereal bar, isn't it Mommy?"

When taking Gabe out of the car "How about this plan Mommy........"

When asking Gabe "What would you like for a snack?"
"How about hmmmmmmmmmmm......."You can see him thinking about it

The problem with this stage is that you are now conspiring against us. For a couple of weeks we would find the two of you asleep on the floor, pillows, blankets and all, against your bedroom door. Making it so we would have to push the door to push you to get into the room. Then picking you up and putting you back to bed. About once a week I find you two in bed together. I come in every night to tuck you in when I go to bed. The first time it happened I checked on Gabe first and he wasn't in bed!! Scared me to death! But then I went over to Bea's bed and found this. Daddy managed to take a picture without waking you up. Bea you are clutching a turquoise pick up truck.....?

Gabe one night I found you all curled up with some stuffed toys on the reading chair. All slumped over like you fell asleep mid play. I am still amazed that both of you sleep through all the fussing I do. I can pick you up, carry you around, mess with clothes, bedding, anything and you're out cold. I admit sometimes I pick you up just for a quick snuggle and to breathe you in a little. I love the way you guys smell.

This month was also Daddy and Mama's wedding anniversary. We didn't do much, ordered Thai I think...went to bed early. Perfect!

Not a great picture (and the only picture?), it's missing Bea, from the night but we did get to have a very nice visit with the Johnson cousins for Uncle Carl's 65th Birthday. We so rarely get to see that gang with all the crazy schedules but this was a great visit. All the cousins are playing age now and you guys had a great time playing with all of Wyatt and Kylie's toys. You all sat at your own 'kids' table during dinner and were very well are also the least picky eaters of the bunch....thanks for that.

The next day we went to Lucy's 1st Birthday party and you got to 'party' with a whole other bunch of kids. The amazing part, and this sounds lame, is that no one got sick.....usually after a bunch of social events we are guaranteed a cold, but this time nothin' And you ate cake!!

The big struggles right now are the constant 'NO's, and the fight to have your own way. I guess this is the Terrible Twos or the Rotten Threes? I try to offer up questions that don't have yes or no answers but both of you will still make your stand by saying no. "Do you want to sit in the front or back of the stroller" "No, no stroller" Most of the time I can deal with it but there are certain subjects that infuriate me. The 'NO's around sleeping when you both are exhausted (and so am I), the 'no's when we are trying to get out the door, the 'no's when I know you actually want what you are saying no to "I want my apple sauce" "ok here it is" "No, no apple sauce" pushing it away. All to make a point and get your way. It is a lesson in picking your battles....perhaps for all of us.

Another thing that started up this month is "I help". Especially Bea. I will be cooking or doing dishes and Bea you will drag a chair into the kitchen to 'help' I try to give you something to do, stirring something for me or playing in a sink of bubbles and calling it dishes. It does make everything take longer but it does make doing it fun. I usually make you wear pants in the kitchen :-)

As challenging as this time is with you guys it is also the funniest. It is easy to forgive or forget the earlier temper tantrum when 10 minutes later we are laughing like manics. I can't begin to tell you how much I love you guys

Love Mama

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