Tuesday, 31 August 2010

34 months for you, 38 years for me

Dear Beannie and Monkey,

What a funny, busy, silly month we have had. This is the age where you are fun for everyone because it is all so silly. All the talking about such silly stuff. And so many places to be silly with a very busy summer social schedule.

This month had BBQs at friends houses and one at the beach, your first boat ride to the Toronto Islands, a trip to the zoo, many many trips to the park, playing with Daddy in the rain, visits with Papa and Grammy, Aunty MaryJean, Gramma and Grampa, and a gang of Ottawa family, Daddy on holiday, and what was suppose to be your first camping trip, which got canceled due to rain....but boy are we tired!!

Gabe you asked for your hair to be put up. I 'do' Bea's hair every morning and I think you felt left out......you also needed a hair cut....which we got a week later

It all started with Mary Jean coming to visit which we always love. She sits on the floor and plays trains for hours and has never ending patience for any frustration either of you might be dealing with. It is really nice to have someone around who can take some of the 'attention needed' weight off of me and truly be involved.

The August long weekend we headed to the Toronto Islands for the day and you guys got to have your first boat ride. We took the yacht club ferry there which is small and seats maybe 20 people and took the big city ferry home. Bea you slept the whole way home but Gabe you I think you preferred the smaller boat that you could see out of better. It might have also been the timing, end of day, hours after a missed nap and crazy heat and humidity......and to top it off, Daddy had food poisoning from something he ate the day before!

Here's a pic on the smaller ferry

A week later we headed up to Gramma and Grampa's for the day. After breakfast with them, the plan was to spend the day at the Bowmanville Zoo.....but it rained....oh boy did it rain! It was a hot and steamy enough day that we decided to go any way braving the wet. You guys didn't mind a bit, spending most of the time jumping in muddy puddles then looking at the animals (most of the animals were hiding out in their homes to get out of the rain) But we liked the little monkeys, the colourful birds, and the camel. The one disappointment was the broken train. Gabe you talked about the train ride the whole way there but as we walked towards the train there was a big sign saying it was under maintenance for the day. You were so busy jumping in puddles that you weren't that heart broken but you still talk about it till this day. This is an interesting stage for remembering. You both have remembered and talked about the animals for weeks, remembering their names.

At one point when the rain got to heavy we hid out and Bea had snacks with Grampa and Gramma while complaining that she was cold.......it was easily 35C degrees out.

The following weekend was crazy too, off to the beach for Meaghan's Birthday BBQ. We spent the afternoon running around the beach and a lot of time in the playground beside the little plot the party had claimed. We stayed too late, you guys were super tired. We picked up Caley on the way home, and she stayed home with you after bedtime and Daddy and I went back to Meaghan and Jamie's (I made the birthday cake) to celebrate sans kids. We didn't take any pictures, we were way to busy chasing you around. But I will show off the cake

And then the week long holiday started, we needed this. Daddy has been working SOOOO hard this summer, 6 days a week, trying to pay off some debt so we can relax the belt a little (this didn't end up really working at all with endless car repairs and Daddy needing a root canal) But it was nice to have a week of him all to us. There are things that are hard to plan but I managed to get my hair done and my teeth cleaned. Gabe got his eyes checked again to find out that the patching 'over' worked and now you are favouring the left eye......shesh.....but now we have 3 months of no patching at all which is a nice break for the raw skin around your eye from a big band-aid getting ripped off everyday.

One thing that happened this month, and had to happen. Daddy and I got new mobile phones. I won't go into detail about what we got because by the time you are reading this they will be so old and out dated it will be laughable but one advantage is the phones have video cameras so I am finally able to get some regular video of you (we do have a good video camera but it became Daddy's work camera) Here is one
(will be uploaded as soon as I figure out the technical difficulties I am having)

And then Grammy and Papa showed up for a nice visit and for my birthday. And Grammy brought A COLD!!! Which in the end I got and maybe Gabe a mild version. My birthday was pretty tame. Grammy and I went and got pedicures but other than that we ordered in nice Indian food and laid low. We knew we had a busy weekend ahead of us with the Ottawa gang showing up and a family BBQ. But that's all for next month.

There is an endless list of funny things you guys did and said this month......here are some of the best

Bea- "I wear my swimsoups, see dere my armpips" (swimsuit and armpits)
Gabe- "I love my Daddy"
Both and constantly "Wacha Doing?"

Bea you stole a marker and drew all over your legs.....it was a permanent marker

Both of you love Beaver Boy for Peep and the Big Wide World. One new game in the backyard is running around gnawing on trees like Beaver Boy "nanananananana" and this has grown into Beaver Boy kisses....which are my favourite

And more than ever I love you guys more and more

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