Tuesday, 6 July 2010

32 and counting

Dear Bedo and Gabes,

Another month has flown by and I am amazed that I still have so much to tell you. So much happens every month and I want you to know everything.

This month started with a trip to Stratford to visit Gampa and Gamma. It was a wonderful hot day so we took our new blow up pool to splash around in. Daddy filled it up with the hose but the water was freezing cold so until the sun warmed it up a bit the fun thing was to run a circle in the yard that came through the pool. We had been playing a game earlier in the day that involved running up the cellar door and back down.....something that seemed to have no dangers until the metal door had heated up in the sun and you no longer had shoes on, or any clothes for that matter. Gabe you ran up and paused, then started to cry but it became something else, a deep scream of pain. You fell to your knees as Gamma ran over. Daddy and I were initially confused why you were crying. Not knowing that the door heated up. Gamma yelled as she ran "The door is hot" She picked you up and we could see your red knees, hands and feet but worse of all, a huge torn open blister on your leg. Knowing the water was super cold in the pool she dumped you in and cooled everything down really fast. Then I cuddled you close with a cold cloth on the blister until you calmed down and we could take a look. But before we could you feel asleep. I wasn't really worried that it was shock or something serious, we were already 2 hours late for naps and you had just had a BIG cry. We wrapped a cold compress around your leg and put you to bed for a couple of hours. When you got up Aunty Isis was there and took a look at it. She said it was a second degree burn but because it wasn't anywhere on your body of a delicate nature (face, privates) that we just had to make sure it didn't get infected. She cleaned it up and bandaged it up and for a couple of days "Gabes has a bandy" The next day when we got home I bathed it in Arnica water and put Calendula cream on it and by the next morning it had completely dried up and was almost gone. Now a couple of weeks later, you can't tell it even happened. It really was one of the most stressful parenting moments I have had since you guys were little.

Bea you have gotten into some really funny language stuff. You will repeat things back to us that we said days ago and you can tell that you have thought about them. Comments on food include "So yummy" and "That's too good" or when Gabe hurt himself at the park "Oh Gabe, oh no, sweetie are you ok? But my favorite is what a bird says....one day we were out in the back yard and there was a lot of bird tweeting going on. You said "Oh, what's that noise" and I said "It's the birds talking, what are they saying?". You listened and said "Birds say 'excuse me excuse me'". In truth, it did kinda sound like that!

Gabe your language revolves almost exclusively around cars and trucks but you also have a funny habit of adding syllables to words like:
"he-ooo" here
"do-whit" dirt
"fa yan" fan
"la yawn" lawn
"cone" corn
It makes everything you say super cute!! This month was also a kidney check up and your one kidney is doing fantastic. In fact, your blood work shows better than expected numbers. I can't help but wonder if it is because of the kidney homeopathic and the quality of the food you eat. We don't fill you full of stuff that would tax your or our kidney(s). Nothing refined or processed for the most part. But like every two year old, you love sips of Daddy's beer.

Both of you are slowly getting better about sleep. Daddy and I are spending less and less time in your room to make sure you stay in your beds. It is nice to start getting our evenings back. We are all still passing some stupid cold around and in fact while Daddy was away on a boys camping trip, I got so sick she had to stay in bed for 3 days. Luckily Grammy and Papa had come for a couple of days on their way down to Saluda. You guys hung out with them while I stayed in bed. I love that you got to spend some quality time with them. It is important to me that you are raised by our 'village'. But if I could keep you all to myself, that would be ok too

Love Mama

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