Wednesday, 28 April 2010

30 Months

Dear Bedo and Gabes, Pretty Girl and Handsome, Biddle and Little Man, lovey and lovey

Sooooooo 30 months eh? 2 and a half? WOW! You turned 2 1/2 on Grammy's 60th Birthday!!

Spring sprung for good this month and it's a good thing. I was having a harder and harder time keeping the two of you busy inside and bedtime was becoming a bit of a joke with cabin fever being neither exhausting or fun. We have spent almost every day outside, at least in the backyard, for the last couple of weeks and I already have blisters from gardening and grass stains to try to get out of your clothes. I love it! We have learned about worms and ladybugs and how the latter tastes (Gabes) and best of all, how to carry weeds to the yard waste bag......what?
You guys are really at the age where all the fun kid stuff starts to take flight. You can vaguely capture the idea of a game and run with it. Often making up your own rules or changing the game a few minutes into it. Usually resulting in the "Got'chew!" game of chasing each other around and yelling "Got'chew" Tag for toddlers. "Got'chew" comes from Daddy and me catching you when you jump off something or getting you off something tall. We "got'chew off the top step of the backyard steps to put you in the car or "got'chew off the play gym at the park when the bigger kids are playing to rough and you want to get down. Daddy and I don't even say it anymore. You guys thrust your chubby little arms out and yell it to let us know what our job is. I don't mind, I always demand hugs and kisses in return!

This month was Easter...which for some reason I absentmindedly called Halloween the entire week (I would like to say that I only did that this year but I do this EVERY year) In our attempt to keep sugar/candy consumption as low as possible we filled our plastic eggs with a bunch of wacky stuff. Yes you got a few smarties but you also got socks, stickers, banana chips, raisins and small cookies. Daddy hid them around the back yard and you guys went searching in your new Halloween Easter outfits. You guys LOVED it.

We started a new playgroup this month. This one has some structure instead of just being an hour of running around with toys, we only do that for 1/2 hour, then 15 minutes of crafts and 15 minutes of singing in a circle. You guys aren't so good with the structured part of this program and usually choose to keep playing with toys over any of the other activities. Bea you will do crafts if it involves crayons and while other kids are colouring their butterflies you are peeling all the paper off the crayons. Then at the end of craft time you announce "TA DA Mama" showing me the pile of crayon wrappings . But with my help you have managed to "participate" a little in the craft portion of our visit. Here are some of the pieces you have produced.
Gabe your production at playgroup usually involves filling your diaper with the foulest smelling poop you can muster. And no I didn't take any pictures of that. On the third day (week 3) of this program we had a little bit of group play when you guys sat in the big plastic house on the opposite side of the room as the group who was singing in a circle and you guys sang along. This week (week 4 of the program) was the closest we have gotten to actually being in the circle. During Ol'MacDonald when we are taking turns nameing a farm animal Gabe said "no farm, no Ol'dondanold" and ran away and then later during the 'goodbye song' Bea ran into the circle and demanded her 'goodbye sticker' taking the one being stuck on Mackenzie's hand sticking it on your own and then yelled goodbye and thank you to everyone. At least you are polite?

And boy are you guys polite.

"Bea come here, we need to change your bum"
"No fank you, playin with toys" Toy playing continues

"Bea, lets put your shoes on to go outside"
"No fank you, Bea jumping" continued jumping
when you tooted while giving a goodbye hug to a friend
"Bye bye, see soon, Scum see (excuse me) Bedo tooted" while blowing kisses

"Crips, Crips (Fix)"
"Gabe do you want me to fix it?"
"OK" said like I came up with the idea
"What do you say Gabe?"
"Cuse meeeee""no Gabes what do you say if you want Mommy to do something?"
"Do it....Crips?"
"You say 'Please' Gabes"
"Your Welcome"

Bea, the list of lovies or toys that have to be in bed with you to sleep just keeps getting longer and longer. To a baby doll, Sheepy, a pink bunny and a stuff carrot we have added this month a red "wubber El Phunt"(but "no blue wubber Papomus"), and a stuffed doggy. There is barely enough room for you! As soon as we have said our good nights and closed the bedroom door you are up tossing all the toys at Gabe and over the monitor we can hear "Here yah go Gabe"

One interesting progression this month is that now you guys can answer the question "What's your name?" You pat your tummies and answer " Bea-two-ice" "Gabes....Gab-we-ub" But when I ask Bea what a dolly's name is or anything that would take imagination to name (as oppose to asking you who someone is) you name them all colours. Just today dolly was "Yah Yo" but then she was "Geen"

We are still big singers and dancers in this house and this month has seen huge improvement in recognizable words in the songs. I am still amazed how easily toddlers can pick up and carry a tune but as proud as I am that the words are more understandable I will forever miss "Weee Ooohhhs on da Bus" and " Aaaa Beee Zeee Beee Weee Efffff Seeee ......"etc. Now Daddy and I are debating on when to start the acting classes so our kids can be 'triple threats'....kidding

A couple of other new things. Helping each other up when one of you falls, the beginnings of pretend play and you are both getting pretty good at the differences between "me, you, too, I" but the best part of this month...Every night when we tuck you in I say "Night night Bedo, Night night Gabes, I love you" and now I hear back "Night night Mommy, night night Daddy, I ye-ove you" TWICE!!

And I love you twice!