Sunday, 28 March 2010

One month before two and a half

Dear Bedo and Gabes,

So another month has past. They fly by faster and faster and my babies are no longer babies. I have a couple of little kids.....and it makes me miss the yummy snuggles and cuddles of the little guys. I have been looking at baby pictures of you guys a lot this month. It makes me realize that the one thing that is almost impossible when you have twins (or multiples in general) is the luxury of being able to stop and really enjoy the moment. This is a lesson I am still trying to learn. Admittedly this is something I should have learned long before you guys came along but I have always been the one looking in to the future at what will be, not what is.The speed of this month was probably helped a busy string of busy. A surprise business trip/visit to Toronto by cousin Amy who stayed for a few days. Her visit was overlapped with a weekend visit from Grammy and Papa. Luckily the weather has been decent and Daddy and Papa spent a lot of time taking you guys to the park and let the moms and cousins relax for an hour or two. Parks trips are really different now. What a HUGE difference from this time last year. This time last year you were walking but not steady enough from me to feel really comfortable on the climber at the park while this year I can take a magazine and let you guys run like manics.We had a nice surprise while the whole family was visiting too. With all my potty training efforts, with very few successes, after brunch out Bea you asked to sit on the potty out of the blue, picked up part of the paper that was sitting near by and had a huge poo, stood up and yelled "POOP ALL DONE". We all just sat there dumbfounded before we pulled it together to congratulate you and make a suitable stink (pun also intended)

Amy got this shot with her cell phone

We also had a play date with a new friend Oliver who is only a year old. I wasn't sure how the 'sharing' would go and was worried about any possible aggressive behaviour but I think you two really understood that he was smaller and younger and were gentle and sweet. Daddy and I talk about having another baby often but have always wondered what the reaction would be. I know that this one visit isn't what it would be like but it was so nice to see such sweetness and interest in someone smaller.

We had an amazing fun birthday party too. Nathan turned 4 and Susan and Alex rented out a party play room. I always thought that my kids would be the ones clinging to my legs on the first day of school but we walked into the place and you both went running not once looking back. Daddy and I got to relax and talk to some of the other parents which was really nice. It was one of the moments that you dream of when you have kids.....all the kids, yours and all your friends kids, all playing together while you sit, coffee in hand, chatting..........maybe that was just my dream..... You guys had a great time and when we got home you both ran for the stairs begging for naps.

This is the story of the dress. Bea wanted to put one on all by "self" This is the outcome. But someone else wanted a dress too. Especially now t hat it was such a big deal. So he got one......

A couple of funny games started this month. Now that spring has sprung and we are getting bright wonderful sunshine blasting in the living room windows in the late afternoon we have discovered our shadows. We sit on the couch making shadow puppets, mostly ducks, on the walls that chase us around quacking and kissing. Beezee you think this is hilarious and run up to the wall trying to catch the ducks while we make them duck (pun intended) in and out of the shadows of other furniture jumping up and giving kisses.

The silliest girl in town

This month also had an important day in American history that you two took total credit for. We don't usually watch tv during the day but this day was special so I thought it would be fun to put on the news so we could watch the American President Barack Obama sign the new health care bill. Once the speeches were over and the bill signed it was a room full of people all clapping and saying 'thank you's to each other. SO that is what you guys did. For the next few minutes we clapped and thanked each other.

Gabe you have done a couple of funny things this month. One day we were snuggling on the couch looking out the window (I think Bea was still napping) talking about trucks or cars I would bet and you placed you hand on my chest to readjust and felt the front clasp of my bra. "Mommy, why cracker in dere?" On another day I went upstairs to bring you two down after a nap but we ended up playing around upstairs for a few minutes. Bea and I were still in Mommy and Daddy's room but Gabe had gone into your room for a minute. Then you ran back, wide eyed, "Ghost Mommy Ghosts" I know for a fact that neither of you have any idea what a ghost is. This ranks up there with another weird thing you do Gabe that scares me a little. You will often point to the sky and ask "Go home?" and when I say that you are home you say it slight forlorn while pointing "Go home.."

You are the cutest crossed-eyed boy in town

I am the luckiest mommy in town

Love Mama

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