Saturday, 27 February 2010


Dear Bedo and Gabes

I can't believe how fast the months are flying past and you guys aren't even close to being my babies any more. are kids! not even toddlers but kids~! When did that happen?

We are slowly starting the potty training campaign but I have to admit that our lack of progress is my fault. It is work.....and in truth I am finding it hard to sit you guys on the potty regularly enough for any learning to click. Also it looks like we might need to purchase a second 'potty' because you guys will actually fight over who is going to sit on it yelling 'turn!' the whole time. Silly I know. We have started our underpants collection for the transition.

I love love love this picture of Daddy and Gabes

I some of us have better ideas for our yet properly used underpants

You are both still on language overload, getting better and better at communicating everyday. Although some sentences still have some mumbling connective tissue most are full clear thoughts. Bea you have become crazy about singing and I will listen to you sing as you change your baby's bum or as you dance around the diningroom. You have a couple of favorites, from Wheel on the Bus to the theme songs to a couple of tv programs you are allowed to watch and one that you don't. "Wee Wee Eeeeeeegot" is Fee Fee and the Flowertots......oddly a show we don't watch but it comes on after something we do and you like the song. We also sing and dance to The Backyardagans which you have made up your own words to and I don't think I could do it justice here. We also LOVE (I say we cause I love it too) Olivia the Pig and we know all the words to the theme song which consists of her name over and over but we call her "Oh Yeah".

Because we are slowly moving away from Nuks we have given you guys the option of taking a toy or 'lovey' to bed with you. This was a wildly exciting concept which concluded in Gabe grabbing a train (no surprise there) and Bea grabbing......wait for it......a small stuffed carrot. Bea you now sleep clutching the carrot every night.

I have been trying to teach manners and surprisingly you guys have taken to them like crazy. You are SO polite that you will say "thank you much" when handing me something I have asked for. We also hear lots of "Pweeese" and "Scumsee" which means excuse me and keeping with family tradition saying "Bah Zoogie" when someone sneezes. In fact you like saying them so much that at some point everyday Bea will fake burp a few times just to scumsee herself. Gabe on the other hand likes to sneeze to hear the Bah Zoogie.

Another funny game started this month. Gabe and Daddy started a game while brushing Gabes teeth. Daddy will explain that it is time to brush your teeth with your toothbrush and you are going to use toothpaste.

Daddy: "We are going to brush your teeth and use toothpaste
Gabe:" Pooptaste?" Laughs like a maniac
Daddy:"No no no TOOTHpaste"
Daddy:"No Toothpaste!!"

This can go on for 10 minutes

Another change this month was the start of Gabes eye patching. One hour every other day. The first time you wore it you hated it but now Bea makes a bigger deal out of it than you do. She talks about it the entire time you have it on, then when it has come off she sticks it to her own face and pretends to cry saying "Eye" over and over. Yeah she isn't the child of two actors!

And like every month, I love you more this time then last

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