Wednesday, 24 November 2010

36 momths and totally late

Dear Bedo and Gabes

I suck......I really suck. I have been trying to stay on top of too many things and this fell to the wayside. I am sorry. The problem is I can't see life slowing down enough to feel caught up on anything for a while. I think this week is the slowest week I/we have in a 4 month stretch of crazy. The last 6 weeks have been full of birthday parties, yours and others, doctors appointments, meetings, play groups, and play dates. And you guys are as amazing as ever. So although I have been terrible at writing these I have been good about taking notes, pictures and video lately....although I still have no idea how to post video on here......

The last few weeks you two have been talking up a storm. It seems like it just started one day that suddenly you were talking in complete sentences. I could fill pages of the funny things you have said. Here are a few....


You came running up to me eating a granola bar "It's a great granola bar, isn't it Mummy? and then laughed like a crazy person

I overheard you as you put on your shoes today "oh no, my shoe ate my foot"


At the park 'Camel Toe' mom (she has a camel toe EVERYDAY and I don't know her real name) tripped and almost fell. Without thinking I said "oh no Camel Toe!!" Luckily she didn't hear me but you pointing and yelling "Camel Toe" she did hear

"what's that noise?". "what noise Bea?". "it's my tummy 'gergaging"

While looking out the front window at a squirrel "Look Mommy, Squirrel has feather in it's bum"

I caught you picking you nose and you told me "my boogs are stinky"


I go get Gabe from naps, he notices that Bea is already up. "Hi Mommy, Bedo aw-weady awake, let's go get her. I love Bedo. He aw-weady downstairs". We got downstairs and Bea welcomes us with "Happy Birthday Mommy and Gabes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!"

You have named the fish they chose from the pet store yesterday "Goldie" (Bea) and "Other Goldie" (Gabe) but when you say it it sounds more like "Go dee" and "Udda Go Dee"

‎Took you to a music class, Bea danced and played while Gabe yelled that they were being too loud

This month was full of firsts. Bea got her first ever hair cut. It was a trim really but it was much needed and kinda sad. Daddy took you on one of my days 'off' Really he took Gabe in but he asked you if you want a hair cut and you said yes so he went with it. Apparently you liked it and behaved so well that the lady cutting you hair have you a 'do' which you loved and made of point of showing me how pretty it was.

We also had our first trip to Riverdale Farm. This isn't entirely true. Grammy and Daddy took you guys to the zoo early last spring/summer and it was still during the stage that Bea was scared of animals. I wasn't there but apparently you started screaming as soon as you saw one of the animals and you were so scared they had to come home. But you are long over that now. You guys loved it...especially feeding the goats

You guys also saw your first movie!! We took you out to Toy Story 3. The plan was to go to a regular viewing of the movie but when we got there it was still being shown in 3D. We didn't think you guys would keep the glasses on but for the most part you guys were pretty good about it. I have to admit I got fed up with them after a while too

This month was also your birthday. I know it seems that that should have been one of the first things I should have mentioned but your birthday is at the end of the month so I mention it last. It was also Sophie's birthday and she had her party the weekend before yours. She had a clown at her party that Bea wasn't to fond of but Gabe enjoyed the balloon animals and allowed her to paint your face but only if it was Thomas

This year instead of wreaking our house we decided to wear you guys out at the indoor playground you love so much. Because it is a public playground we weren't allowed to take pictures but we did get some videos in the private party room we got. Gabe you really don't like LOUD and cried as we sung Happy Birthday.

After 2 hours of pizza, cake and fun there we headed back to our house for trick'or'treatin and hot apple cider. The family was here along with a bunch of friends. You guys loved it and your costumes were insanely cute

Both of you LOVE Halloween and talk about it for weeks after. I was asked long after about the "scawee houses" and "punkins" I guess it is a good thing that you were born so close to it.

AS always and for always, I love you more everyday

My First Published Recipe

Monday, 27 September 2010

35 Momths and 4 years Married

Dear Beans and Lil'Man,

The months just keep flying by. It doesn't help that I have been super tardy writing these and usually just finish one and the next is due. Part of the problem is this current blog spot, I am seriously considering just paying for a website. Yes it would be more complicated at first as I set it all up but once it was done the upload of pictures and videos would greatly improve.

While last month was full of major family events and outings this month was more Daddy and I getting a chance to do some stuff on our own. I got to go to the Harry Potter exhibit with a friend (give it 5 years and you guys will totally get it), I got to can 100 lbs of tomatoes with Noah, I went to a Indian cooking demo with a very famous Indian chef. Daddy had a big night out with the guys to celebrate before Steve's baby comes next month, and he started weekly hockey up again. But we did have our share of fun family craziness. Including lots of trips to the park

To pick up where we left off last month....the Ottawa gang came to town for a baseball game and it happen to coincide with my birthday weekend. On the Saturday night after the game the gang came back to our house for BBQ. It was nice to have the Ottawa peeps here and play host to them for a change. I made myself a gluten free cake and after all the success of Meaghan's cake I think I got cocky and made one for myself that completely fell apart. I decided to run with it and iced it brown and named it 'the turd' There was just no chance of making it pretty. Everyone said 'the turd' was delicious. We didn't take any pictures at all that weekend (I think daddy took a couple at the game) and Emma sent me a couple. You guys love having gangs of people around to play with and Bea loves having "Two Papas" (Papa and Papas twin brother Glenn)who both give you loads of attention.

This month has gotten more interactive. Not only are you two playing with each other more but you are having real conversations with us. And repeating back to us the funniest stuff or coming up with stuff from I don't know where.

Gabe comes running into the room, "It's a good cereal bar, isn't it Mommy?"

When taking Gabe out of the car "How about this plan Mommy........"

When asking Gabe "What would you like for a snack?"
"How about hmmmmmmmmmmm......."You can see him thinking about it

The problem with this stage is that you are now conspiring against us. For a couple of weeks we would find the two of you asleep on the floor, pillows, blankets and all, against your bedroom door. Making it so we would have to push the door to push you to get into the room. Then picking you up and putting you back to bed. About once a week I find you two in bed together. I come in every night to tuck you in when I go to bed. The first time it happened I checked on Gabe first and he wasn't in bed!! Scared me to death! But then I went over to Bea's bed and found this. Daddy managed to take a picture without waking you up. Bea you are clutching a turquoise pick up truck.....?

Gabe one night I found you all curled up with some stuffed toys on the reading chair. All slumped over like you fell asleep mid play. I am still amazed that both of you sleep through all the fussing I do. I can pick you up, carry you around, mess with clothes, bedding, anything and you're out cold. I admit sometimes I pick you up just for a quick snuggle and to breathe you in a little. I love the way you guys smell.

This month was also Daddy and Mama's wedding anniversary. We didn't do much, ordered Thai I think...went to bed early. Perfect!

Not a great picture (and the only picture?), it's missing Bea, from the night but we did get to have a very nice visit with the Johnson cousins for Uncle Carl's 65th Birthday. We so rarely get to see that gang with all the crazy schedules but this was a great visit. All the cousins are playing age now and you guys had a great time playing with all of Wyatt and Kylie's toys. You all sat at your own 'kids' table during dinner and were very well are also the least picky eaters of the bunch....thanks for that.

The next day we went to Lucy's 1st Birthday party and you got to 'party' with a whole other bunch of kids. The amazing part, and this sounds lame, is that no one got sick.....usually after a bunch of social events we are guaranteed a cold, but this time nothin' And you ate cake!!

The big struggles right now are the constant 'NO's, and the fight to have your own way. I guess this is the Terrible Twos or the Rotten Threes? I try to offer up questions that don't have yes or no answers but both of you will still make your stand by saying no. "Do you want to sit in the front or back of the stroller" "No, no stroller" Most of the time I can deal with it but there are certain subjects that infuriate me. The 'NO's around sleeping when you both are exhausted (and so am I), the 'no's when we are trying to get out the door, the 'no's when I know you actually want what you are saying no to "I want my apple sauce" "ok here it is" "No, no apple sauce" pushing it away. All to make a point and get your way. It is a lesson in picking your battles....perhaps for all of us.

Another thing that started up this month is "I help". Especially Bea. I will be cooking or doing dishes and Bea you will drag a chair into the kitchen to 'help' I try to give you something to do, stirring something for me or playing in a sink of bubbles and calling it dishes. It does make everything take longer but it does make doing it fun. I usually make you wear pants in the kitchen :-)

As challenging as this time is with you guys it is also the funniest. It is easy to forgive or forget the earlier temper tantrum when 10 minutes later we are laughing like manics. I can't begin to tell you how much I love you guys

Love Mama

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

34 months for you, 38 years for me

Dear Beannie and Monkey,

What a funny, busy, silly month we have had. This is the age where you are fun for everyone because it is all so silly. All the talking about such silly stuff. And so many places to be silly with a very busy summer social schedule.

This month had BBQs at friends houses and one at the beach, your first boat ride to the Toronto Islands, a trip to the zoo, many many trips to the park, playing with Daddy in the rain, visits with Papa and Grammy, Aunty MaryJean, Gramma and Grampa, and a gang of Ottawa family, Daddy on holiday, and what was suppose to be your first camping trip, which got canceled due to rain....but boy are we tired!!

Gabe you asked for your hair to be put up. I 'do' Bea's hair every morning and I think you felt left also needed a hair cut....which we got a week later

It all started with Mary Jean coming to visit which we always love. She sits on the floor and plays trains for hours and has never ending patience for any frustration either of you might be dealing with. It is really nice to have someone around who can take some of the 'attention needed' weight off of me and truly be involved.

The August long weekend we headed to the Toronto Islands for the day and you guys got to have your first boat ride. We took the yacht club ferry there which is small and seats maybe 20 people and took the big city ferry home. Bea you slept the whole way home but Gabe you I think you preferred the smaller boat that you could see out of better. It might have also been the timing, end of day, hours after a missed nap and crazy heat and humidity......and to top it off, Daddy had food poisoning from something he ate the day before!

Here's a pic on the smaller ferry

A week later we headed up to Gramma and Grampa's for the day. After breakfast with them, the plan was to spend the day at the Bowmanville Zoo.....but it rained....oh boy did it rain! It was a hot and steamy enough day that we decided to go any way braving the wet. You guys didn't mind a bit, spending most of the time jumping in muddy puddles then looking at the animals (most of the animals were hiding out in their homes to get out of the rain) But we liked the little monkeys, the colourful birds, and the camel. The one disappointment was the broken train. Gabe you talked about the train ride the whole way there but as we walked towards the train there was a big sign saying it was under maintenance for the day. You were so busy jumping in puddles that you weren't that heart broken but you still talk about it till this day. This is an interesting stage for remembering. You both have remembered and talked about the animals for weeks, remembering their names.

At one point when the rain got to heavy we hid out and Bea had snacks with Grampa and Gramma while complaining that she was was easily 35C degrees out.

The following weekend was crazy too, off to the beach for Meaghan's Birthday BBQ. We spent the afternoon running around the beach and a lot of time in the playground beside the little plot the party had claimed. We stayed too late, you guys were super tired. We picked up Caley on the way home, and she stayed home with you after bedtime and Daddy and I went back to Meaghan and Jamie's (I made the birthday cake) to celebrate sans kids. We didn't take any pictures, we were way to busy chasing you around. But I will show off the cake

And then the week long holiday started, we needed this. Daddy has been working SOOOO hard this summer, 6 days a week, trying to pay off some debt so we can relax the belt a little (this didn't end up really working at all with endless car repairs and Daddy needing a root canal) But it was nice to have a week of him all to us. There are things that are hard to plan but I managed to get my hair done and my teeth cleaned. Gabe got his eyes checked again to find out that the patching 'over' worked and now you are favouring the left eye......shesh.....but now we have 3 months of no patching at all which is a nice break for the raw skin around your eye from a big band-aid getting ripped off everyday.

One thing that happened this month, and had to happen. Daddy and I got new mobile phones. I won't go into detail about what we got because by the time you are reading this they will be so old and out dated it will be laughable but one advantage is the phones have video cameras so I am finally able to get some regular video of you (we do have a good video camera but it became Daddy's work camera) Here is one
(will be uploaded as soon as I figure out the technical difficulties I am having)

And then Grammy and Papa showed up for a nice visit and for my birthday. And Grammy brought A COLD!!! Which in the end I got and maybe Gabe a mild version. My birthday was pretty tame. Grammy and I went and got pedicures but other than that we ordered in nice Indian food and laid low. We knew we had a busy weekend ahead of us with the Ottawa gang showing up and a family BBQ. But that's all for next month.

There is an endless list of funny things you guys did and said this are some of the best

Bea- "I wear my swimsoups, see dere my armpips" (swimsuit and armpits)
Gabe- "I love my Daddy"
Both and constantly "Wacha Doing?"

Bea you stole a marker and drew all over your was a permanent marker

Both of you love Beaver Boy for Peep and the Big Wide World. One new game in the backyard is running around gnawing on trees like Beaver Boy "nanananananana" and this has grown into Beaver Boy kisses....which are my favourite

And more than ever I love you guys more and more

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Thirty Three

Dear Darling and Little Man,

Another month and summer is flying by....sort of. It actually feels like it is going a bit slower than last year. Last year never got hot. We had the A/C running for about 5 days but the heat I am used to never set in and it never felt like we had a summer. When the evenings turned cool in the fall I got mad. This year, after weeks of sweltering heat I think we will all thankfully welcome the cool weather. But this also means that we are celebrating a real summer with real summer activities.

I think other than Gabe still being in diapers, all the babiness is over. It is amazing to be on to newer stages but I will miss those little packages of cuddle. Gabe you still have no interest in potty training. About once a week you will announce that you want to sit on the potty to 'go poo poo', usually after or while Bea is using it. We will sit there for 5 minutes or so, chatting but nothing happens. I know it will happen in time. I know we won't be sending you off to college in diapers so I don't freak out. It would be nice to not be spending such big bucks on disposable diapers which we have had to switch to in the last few months (stuffing enough into the cotton diapers to make it through the night meant your inability to walk in them or roll over in bed) We have become very aware of temperature this month, telling me you are hot in the sun or cold if you stand in front of the A/C. Bea this has become a way to get attention.

My favorite development this month has been the "wanna see" "wanna help" when I am cooking or preparing food. I really want to get you guys enthusiastic about food. Understanding the importance of preparing meals and eating together. I guess I also want you to appreciate how much effort Daddy and I make to make sure that we are eating healthy food together as a family.

Oh how the tides are changing. For the first 2 1/2 years Bea was the bully but now the pendulum has swung the other way and Gabe is getting his back. Bea, it is obvious that you will never be a follower but you aren't always getting your way now. Gabe is putting his foot down and I can't say that I blame him. Gabe, the only trouble with this new found strength is that you are also testing it out on Mommy which isn't going over very well and ending you up in 'time out' which is unfamiliar territory for you. You don't respond well to getting a stern talking to, usually interrupting it to ask for a cuddle. You always seem heart broken by the consequences while Bea usually just gets more determined by them. Bea, with you losing power you have started giving stern talking tos to your toys and giving them 'time outs'. It is very weird to hear my words come out of your mouth and I have actually made a couple of edits to our 'consequences' routine as a result.

This month Daddy had some work out in the Ottawa Valley so we packed up for a few days out at Papa and Grammy's house. Summer there is so wonderful and fun for you guys. Everyday we had something to do and now you are at such a great age to go off with Grandparents and give Mommy a chance for a quiet cup of tea. One day we went raspberry picking. Papa, Grammy and I picked as fast as you guys ate them. It took us over 30 minutes to pick 3 pints because you guys ate them so fast. You both walked out of the fields stained head to toe in pinky red. I joked with the lady at the farm that maybe we should've done a before and after weight on you two. We added to the 3 pints by buying a bunch more and a bushel of strawberries that I took back and washed and froze.

A day was spent at the Children's Museum at The Museum of Civilizations in Hull. The big hit was the Pakistani bus. Gabe you were in heaven. We will definitely be spending more time there in the future.

One of the funny results of our trip to Papa and Grammy's has been that Bea is now obsessed with Papa calling Grammy "Darling" and has changed her name to Darling. When I call you Bedo you say "No Bedo, it's Darling" one day your name was 'sweetheart' all day.

I am happy to say that this month our sleep has gotten back on track. Daddy and I no longer have to sit in the dark of your room to make sure you stay in your beds. The shiny new of the toddlers bed has finally worn off and we are all getting better sleep again. I can not begin to tell you how thankful I am for this.

New favorite guys singing to the Peep theme song. New worst thing.....we have ringworm, where it came from I don't know but Bea has a patch on the back of her knee and the 'psoriasis' I have had on my elbow for the last couple of months....well it seems to be finally clearing up with the anti-fungal cream (a cream recommended by a MD but we have since had better luck clearing the ringworm up with plain old vinegar) we got for Bea's knee. Makes me wonder what other minor things the doctors have misdiagnosed and less and less interested in Western medicine.

I can't tell you enough how much I love you

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

32 and counting

Dear Bedo and Gabes,

Another month has flown by and I am amazed that I still have so much to tell you. So much happens every month and I want you to know everything.

This month started with a trip to Stratford to visit Gampa and Gamma. It was a wonderful hot day so we took our new blow up pool to splash around in. Daddy filled it up with the hose but the water was freezing cold so until the sun warmed it up a bit the fun thing was to run a circle in the yard that came through the pool. We had been playing a game earlier in the day that involved running up the cellar door and back down.....something that seemed to have no dangers until the metal door had heated up in the sun and you no longer had shoes on, or any clothes for that matter. Gabe you ran up and paused, then started to cry but it became something else, a deep scream of pain. You fell to your knees as Gamma ran over. Daddy and I were initially confused why you were crying. Not knowing that the door heated up. Gamma yelled as she ran "The door is hot" She picked you up and we could see your red knees, hands and feet but worse of all, a huge torn open blister on your leg. Knowing the water was super cold in the pool she dumped you in and cooled everything down really fast. Then I cuddled you close with a cold cloth on the blister until you calmed down and we could take a look. But before we could you feel asleep. I wasn't really worried that it was shock or something serious, we were already 2 hours late for naps and you had just had a BIG cry. We wrapped a cold compress around your leg and put you to bed for a couple of hours. When you got up Aunty Isis was there and took a look at it. She said it was a second degree burn but because it wasn't anywhere on your body of a delicate nature (face, privates) that we just had to make sure it didn't get infected. She cleaned it up and bandaged it up and for a couple of days "Gabes has a bandy" The next day when we got home I bathed it in Arnica water and put Calendula cream on it and by the next morning it had completely dried up and was almost gone. Now a couple of weeks later, you can't tell it even happened. It really was one of the most stressful parenting moments I have had since you guys were little.

Bea you have gotten into some really funny language stuff. You will repeat things back to us that we said days ago and you can tell that you have thought about them. Comments on food include "So yummy" and "That's too good" or when Gabe hurt himself at the park "Oh Gabe, oh no, sweetie are you ok? But my favorite is what a bird day we were out in the back yard and there was a lot of bird tweeting going on. You said "Oh, what's that noise" and I said "It's the birds talking, what are they saying?". You listened and said "Birds say 'excuse me excuse me'". In truth, it did kinda sound like that!

Gabe your language revolves almost exclusively around cars and trucks but you also have a funny habit of adding syllables to words like:
"he-ooo" here
"do-whit" dirt
"fa yan" fan
"la yawn" lawn
"cone" corn
It makes everything you say super cute!! This month was also a kidney check up and your one kidney is doing fantastic. In fact, your blood work shows better than expected numbers. I can't help but wonder if it is because of the kidney homeopathic and the quality of the food you eat. We don't fill you full of stuff that would tax your or our kidney(s). Nothing refined or processed for the most part. But like every two year old, you love sips of Daddy's beer.

Both of you are slowly getting better about sleep. Daddy and I are spending less and less time in your room to make sure you stay in your beds. It is nice to start getting our evenings back. We are all still passing some stupid cold around and in fact while Daddy was away on a boys camping trip, I got so sick she had to stay in bed for 3 days. Luckily Grammy and Papa had come for a couple of days on their way down to Saluda. You guys hung out with them while I stayed in bed. I love that you got to spend some quality time with them. It is important to me that you are raised by our 'village'. But if I could keep you all to myself, that would be ok too

Love Mama

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Cha Cha Cha Changes

I can't say that the changes that have happened in the last couple of years have somehow profoundly changed me but maybe it is closer to say, happened as a result of a profound change. I can't say that I spent any time crying, lamenting or even worrying about the choices I have made. I made them because it was time for them to happen and as hard as they were, they were needed.

When I had twins not a single birth (which I have never had so maybe this happens to all new moms no matter the birth 'quantity') I was very quickly tested on my ability to ask for help. Something that I have never been very good at. I have always been someone who 'figured it out','took care of it' and would 'be ok'. The unfortunate part of this being who you are, is you tend to be that person for other people too. I have always been the friend that is called during a crisis to help make sense of things. I liked this role, I was good at it but it meant that I rarely had people in my circle that could help put me back together if the shit hit the fan. They would "give me space" let me "ask for help" if I needed it. But the truth is, I could be screaming for help.

Becoming a mom forced me to change a habit. The habit of some friends, the habit of some attitudes, the habit of getting involved, the habit of drama. I didn't have the luxury, I became very clear and very focused on what I wanted, needed and expected. I had and have very little 'spare' time that doesn't involve my kids and so it was going to be spent doing what I now felt was important.

1. Taking care of myself
2. Taking care of my marriage
3. Family
4. Friends...... notice no 'taking care of'

I am now in my mid to late-ish 30s and so are most of my friends, they shouldn't need to be 'taken care of'. They may need advice, help or a shoulder but I have children to take care of and these people are adults and hopefully know how to take care of themselves. This unfortunately meant the end, or limitations set on a couple of friendships. As much as I miss those friends which some days is alot, I can't be and don't want to be what they need. This may seem cold but I was feeling stretched thin. I was frustrated and angry when I felt friends were making choices that would eventually mean my energy would be asked for. I struggled for a long time, worrying about being 'selfish' but to this day it is still the best decision I have ever made. Putting myself first, deciding what was good, positive, and healthy for me and my family. As a result my stress levels have come way down, I got closer to my husband, I can enjoy my life without the involvement in the drama of theirs. It has made my world smaller, more focused and without the constant demand on my energy. But I am sorry that in finding my voice, I had to lose yours.

Truth is, I am the happiest I have been and I have the energy to share that. It has also made me profoundly thankful, thankful for the good man I married, thankful for my children, thankful for my amazing friends (jeanette) and family (amy). And now I am learning to bring all this energy back.....all the energy that was spent on other people, back in to me, for me. I can now focus and what a gift this life is, this day is and how clear that is without drama fogging up my vision.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

30 Months

Dear Bedo and Gabes, Pretty Girl and Handsome, Biddle and Little Man, lovey and lovey

Sooooooo 30 months eh? 2 and a half? WOW! You turned 2 1/2 on Grammy's 60th Birthday!!

Spring sprung for good this month and it's a good thing. I was having a harder and harder time keeping the two of you busy inside and bedtime was becoming a bit of a joke with cabin fever being neither exhausting or fun. We have spent almost every day outside, at least in the backyard, for the last couple of weeks and I already have blisters from gardening and grass stains to try to get out of your clothes. I love it! We have learned about worms and ladybugs and how the latter tastes (Gabes) and best of all, how to carry weeds to the yard waste bag......what?
You guys are really at the age where all the fun kid stuff starts to take flight. You can vaguely capture the idea of a game and run with it. Often making up your own rules or changing the game a few minutes into it. Usually resulting in the "Got'chew!" game of chasing each other around and yelling "Got'chew" Tag for toddlers. "Got'chew" comes from Daddy and me catching you when you jump off something or getting you off something tall. We "got'chew off the top step of the backyard steps to put you in the car or "got'chew off the play gym at the park when the bigger kids are playing to rough and you want to get down. Daddy and I don't even say it anymore. You guys thrust your chubby little arms out and yell it to let us know what our job is. I don't mind, I always demand hugs and kisses in return!

This month was Easter...which for some reason I absentmindedly called Halloween the entire week (I would like to say that I only did that this year but I do this EVERY year) In our attempt to keep sugar/candy consumption as low as possible we filled our plastic eggs with a bunch of wacky stuff. Yes you got a few smarties but you also got socks, stickers, banana chips, raisins and small cookies. Daddy hid them around the back yard and you guys went searching in your new Halloween Easter outfits. You guys LOVED it.

We started a new playgroup this month. This one has some structure instead of just being an hour of running around with toys, we only do that for 1/2 hour, then 15 minutes of crafts and 15 minutes of singing in a circle. You guys aren't so good with the structured part of this program and usually choose to keep playing with toys over any of the other activities. Bea you will do crafts if it involves crayons and while other kids are colouring their butterflies you are peeling all the paper off the crayons. Then at the end of craft time you announce "TA DA Mama" showing me the pile of crayon wrappings . But with my help you have managed to "participate" a little in the craft portion of our visit. Here are some of the pieces you have produced.
Gabe your production at playgroup usually involves filling your diaper with the foulest smelling poop you can muster. And no I didn't take any pictures of that. On the third day (week 3) of this program we had a little bit of group play when you guys sat in the big plastic house on the opposite side of the room as the group who was singing in a circle and you guys sang along. This week (week 4 of the program) was the closest we have gotten to actually being in the circle. During Ol'MacDonald when we are taking turns nameing a farm animal Gabe said "no farm, no Ol'dondanold" and ran away and then later during the 'goodbye song' Bea ran into the circle and demanded her 'goodbye sticker' taking the one being stuck on Mackenzie's hand sticking it on your own and then yelled goodbye and thank you to everyone. At least you are polite?

And boy are you guys polite.

"Bea come here, we need to change your bum"
"No fank you, playin with toys" Toy playing continues

"Bea, lets put your shoes on to go outside"
"No fank you, Bea jumping" continued jumping
when you tooted while giving a goodbye hug to a friend
"Bye bye, see soon, Scum see (excuse me) Bedo tooted" while blowing kisses

"Crips, Crips (Fix)"
"Gabe do you want me to fix it?"
"OK" said like I came up with the idea
"What do you say Gabe?"
"Cuse meeeee""no Gabes what do you say if you want Mommy to do something?"
"Do it....Crips?"
"You say 'Please' Gabes"
"Your Welcome"

Bea, the list of lovies or toys that have to be in bed with you to sleep just keeps getting longer and longer. To a baby doll, Sheepy, a pink bunny and a stuff carrot we have added this month a red "wubber El Phunt"(but "no blue wubber Papomus"), and a stuffed doggy. There is barely enough room for you! As soon as we have said our good nights and closed the bedroom door you are up tossing all the toys at Gabe and over the monitor we can hear "Here yah go Gabe"

One interesting progression this month is that now you guys can answer the question "What's your name?" You pat your tummies and answer " Bea-two-ice" "Gabes....Gab-we-ub" But when I ask Bea what a dolly's name is or anything that would take imagination to name (as oppose to asking you who someone is) you name them all colours. Just today dolly was "Yah Yo" but then she was "Geen"

We are still big singers and dancers in this house and this month has seen huge improvement in recognizable words in the songs. I am still amazed how easily toddlers can pick up and carry a tune but as proud as I am that the words are more understandable I will forever miss "Weee Ooohhhs on da Bus" and " Aaaa Beee Zeee Beee Weee Efffff Seeee ......"etc. Now Daddy and I are debating on when to start the acting classes so our kids can be 'triple threats'....kidding

A couple of other new things. Helping each other up when one of you falls, the beginnings of pretend play and you are both getting pretty good at the differences between "me, you, too, I" but the best part of this month...Every night when we tuck you in I say "Night night Bedo, Night night Gabes, I love you" and now I hear back "Night night Mommy, night night Daddy, I ye-ove you" TWICE!!

And I love you twice!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

One month before two and a half

Dear Bedo and Gabes,

So another month has past. They fly by faster and faster and my babies are no longer babies. I have a couple of little kids.....and it makes me miss the yummy snuggles and cuddles of the little guys. I have been looking at baby pictures of you guys a lot this month. It makes me realize that the one thing that is almost impossible when you have twins (or multiples in general) is the luxury of being able to stop and really enjoy the moment. This is a lesson I am still trying to learn. Admittedly this is something I should have learned long before you guys came along but I have always been the one looking in to the future at what will be, not what is.The speed of this month was probably helped a busy string of busy. A surprise business trip/visit to Toronto by cousin Amy who stayed for a few days. Her visit was overlapped with a weekend visit from Grammy and Papa. Luckily the weather has been decent and Daddy and Papa spent a lot of time taking you guys to the park and let the moms and cousins relax for an hour or two. Parks trips are really different now. What a HUGE difference from this time last year. This time last year you were walking but not steady enough from me to feel really comfortable on the climber at the park while this year I can take a magazine and let you guys run like manics.We had a nice surprise while the whole family was visiting too. With all my potty training efforts, with very few successes, after brunch out Bea you asked to sit on the potty out of the blue, picked up part of the paper that was sitting near by and had a huge poo, stood up and yelled "POOP ALL DONE". We all just sat there dumbfounded before we pulled it together to congratulate you and make a suitable stink (pun also intended)

Amy got this shot with her cell phone

We also had a play date with a new friend Oliver who is only a year old. I wasn't sure how the 'sharing' would go and was worried about any possible aggressive behaviour but I think you two really understood that he was smaller and younger and were gentle and sweet. Daddy and I talk about having another baby often but have always wondered what the reaction would be. I know that this one visit isn't what it would be like but it was so nice to see such sweetness and interest in someone smaller.

We had an amazing fun birthday party too. Nathan turned 4 and Susan and Alex rented out a party play room. I always thought that my kids would be the ones clinging to my legs on the first day of school but we walked into the place and you both went running not once looking back. Daddy and I got to relax and talk to some of the other parents which was really nice. It was one of the moments that you dream of when you have kids.....all the kids, yours and all your friends kids, all playing together while you sit, coffee in hand, chatting..........maybe that was just my dream..... You guys had a great time and when we got home you both ran for the stairs begging for naps.

This is the story of the dress. Bea wanted to put one on all by "self" This is the outcome. But someone else wanted a dress too. Especially now t hat it was such a big deal. So he got one......

A couple of funny games started this month. Now that spring has sprung and we are getting bright wonderful sunshine blasting in the living room windows in the late afternoon we have discovered our shadows. We sit on the couch making shadow puppets, mostly ducks, on the walls that chase us around quacking and kissing. Beezee you think this is hilarious and run up to the wall trying to catch the ducks while we make them duck (pun intended) in and out of the shadows of other furniture jumping up and giving kisses.

The silliest girl in town

This month also had an important day in American history that you two took total credit for. We don't usually watch tv during the day but this day was special so I thought it would be fun to put on the news so we could watch the American President Barack Obama sign the new health care bill. Once the speeches were over and the bill signed it was a room full of people all clapping and saying 'thank you's to each other. SO that is what you guys did. For the next few minutes we clapped and thanked each other.

Gabe you have done a couple of funny things this month. One day we were snuggling on the couch looking out the window (I think Bea was still napping) talking about trucks or cars I would bet and you placed you hand on my chest to readjust and felt the front clasp of my bra. "Mommy, why cracker in dere?" On another day I went upstairs to bring you two down after a nap but we ended up playing around upstairs for a few minutes. Bea and I were still in Mommy and Daddy's room but Gabe had gone into your room for a minute. Then you ran back, wide eyed, "Ghost Mommy Ghosts" I know for a fact that neither of you have any idea what a ghost is. This ranks up there with another weird thing you do Gabe that scares me a little. You will often point to the sky and ask "Go home?" and when I say that you are home you say it slight forlorn while pointing "Go home.."

You are the cutest crossed-eyed boy in town

I am the luckiest mommy in town

Love Mama