Saturday, 26 December 2009

The Tale of Two Months

So this is going to be the super update. I totally blew it last month. Because of my hand surgery the two year entry was finished almost 2 weeks late. So two weeks later when it was time to do the 25 month update it just didn't feel like enough time had past to have anything to update. And I guess I could use that we have been dealing with colds for the whole family, my hand is still healing and Christmas!! But I will now make up for it.

There comes an age that toddlers go from everything they say being a repeat of something that someone said to them to the stage when their creative minds click in and they have the language to express what they are thinking. We have just hit that stage and I love it. One of the prize winners is "Doggy Bubbles" This is what you guys have renamed the movie "Space Buddies". A movie about 5 golden retriever puppies that are accidentally sent into space. The name came from the puppies doing a space walk and their 'bubble' helmets.

There are some great words on the go. "Buggy Cycle" for bicycle, "Co-Pee-Kinds" for Porcupines,
"Libbit" is the sound a frog makes, "Neoink" is the sound a pig makes and probably comes from the sound I make when I pull a Nuk out of your mouths.
Both of you tell us what a "Good Nap" you had every time you get up whether its morning or after naps. If something is broken, Gabe thinks it needs to be "Crips" (fixed)once it has been 'Crips' it is "All Cripsed". But really the funniest this month was when Bea saw the Frog shaped humidifier taken apart for a refill and said "Oh for God sake, the Frog".

And with December came another hair cut for Gabe. Bea other than a bang trim when you were tiny we haven't gotten you a hair cut yet.

You are both really into being "tucked in". In your own beds, mommy and daddy's bed or the spare bed.

There is also lots of singing, and chatting between the two of you at night after the lights go out. Bea is now tickling and kissing dollies, getting "Stuck" and needs our help, "sweep" with the broom, things being cute whether it is the doggy or your pants, and lately snuggles which you call "Suggs". You will happily run over and lay down for a diaper change because of the alone time. You want us to play with you and will have long conversations on the phone with Daddy while he is at work. As headstrong as you are Miss Bea you are great at taking direction and will happily clean up and put things where we tell you they go. You also spend a great deal of time in time out.

Gabe you are still completely truck and tractor obsessed. You know the names of many of the trucks and can spend hours on the floor with your trucks and the blocks to use as cargo. You also have really gotten into jamming the furniture from Bea's dollhouse through the door of the house and get really frustrated with the furniture that doesn't fit. You hate diaper changes and aren't good at taking direction and although almost never get a time out, I have to ask you a million time to 'come here' before you either come or I go get you.

We have tried to make a tradition of going out and cutting a tree down every year and this year was no exception. After a warm November we got hit hard in December with sleet and cold rain before the deep freeze set in. Our time out in the woods consisted of the chant "We are making memories here!!"And then Christmas happened......but first the Santa shot.....

This year was the complete opposite of last year. Both of you enjoyed your time at the mall and didn't mind hanging out with Santa, Gabe wanted to play with the toys on the floor while Bea wanted to chat with who she thought was Papa. In the end this is the one we sent out. Bea is pointing at me and I am jumping up and down trying to show Gabe some train or truck that might make him happy for a minute or two. It didn't work....but we liked the shot anyway. It is exactly what Santa shots are suppose to be.

Christmas Eve Shots

And Santa didn't miss our house

In fact he exploded at our house. You were both very spoiled. Bea, you got a beautiful wooden dollhouse that is furnished and has 3 ladies that live there, a stroller and car seat for your babies.

Gabe, you got 3 Sprig trucks including one that lights up when pushed around. You both got tons of clothes, a bunch of wooden farm animals, books, a sled and shovel for the snow, art supplies, little hockey sticks and ball, new toothbrushes and tons of other stuff

You guys get better everyday and my best Christmas present was and always will be my monkey babies.
love Mama

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