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* This was started before your birthday on the date shown but posted well into November. I knew that we had a busy few weeks ahead of us, including hand surgery for me and knew there maybe a great delay while I recouped. I also waited until after your party so we could include that.xo

Dear Birthday Bea and Birthday Gabe,

I can't even begin to wrap my head around the idea that you are two. The first year of your lives was the longest year of my life. Filled with worry, stress, anxiety and more love then I could ever imagine. The second year has flown by and has been mostly joy, laughter and huge change.

The first year was also filled with amazing physical changes practically every day while now that has slowed down and the changes are mostly verbal and cognitive. I can't believe how fast you are changing from toddlers to kids. And Daddy and I have really had to start watching what we say around you guys. Not only do you repeat everything but you UNDERSTAND more. I will have conversations with you guys which is so weird. Instead of just making announcements ie. "All done", you are telling me what you want "New News pees" (noodles please) and starting to imaginary play which is so funny.

You both now understand the concept of people going away and will say "Daddy work car" because Daddy leaves for work in the car. And when Grammy and Papa came to visit I told you in the morning before they got here that they were coming and all morning you guys were saying "Grammy, Papa, Mawee (Molly) come car" and since they have left, you say "Papa, Grammy, Mawee home go byyyyyyeeeee" and we wave out the window.

This morning I went to get you guys out of bed and you both said "Goooood mowing" when I came in and then when I opened the window Gabe "sha shine inside" I said "thats right, the sun is shining" and Gabe said " sha shine o in doe (window)". This just seemed so crazy to me.

It has also become obvious the different ways that you guys learn. Some of the early landmarks of baby-dom just happen like crawling. I didn't have to crawl around to show you guys that that is what happens next but now it all gets more interactive. If you are going to learn numbers and letters I have to teach them and this is when I have realized the different ways your brains work.

Bea - if there is a song to sing you want to learn it. We sing the alphabet all day, a number song from Sesame Street, Wheels on the Bus, Elmo's World, and Thomas' theme song. You will start to sing the song and then say 'sing' to us and we all sing it but if we try to start it and you're not in the mood you just announce "NO" and shake your head and we have to stop. Gabe loves the big "yay" at the end of the songs

You are interested if there is some game in it for us to do together. We dress and undress Baby Dolly together....this can end in tears if you decide that you want to wear her clothes and no matter how many times I try to explain that they don't fit you.....well you can see where this is going. We put her to bed and check her bum for poo (luckily there never is any) but you will say "poo stinky" and I have to change her diaper.

Bea playing with her new birthday kitchen

Gabe - right now you are on a different page. You too are interested in the alphabet and numbers but you are coming at it another way. We watch an episode of Sesame Street everyday and sometimes a Thomas the Tank engine and I guess you pay a lot of attention to the learning games because you picked up one of your blocks the other day and announced it was a "twiyangle" and it was. This isn't crazy because you aren't smart enough to know what a triangle is but because this isn't something that we have ever talked about. We have been sticking to letters, numbers and colours lately. You also are much more able to identify a letter or number when you see it, pointing them out on our wooden blocks. This I know is from Sesame Street.

You are still crazy into cars, trucks, trains and planes but you are starting to get specific. Now we know what a "pee cup coowup", a "do-un buggy car", "wace car", "big bus", a "fy yer coowup" and an "ack ter" is. We have long conversations about the size of the "ooohweeeooo" (wheel)

One of our struggles this month has been trying to get manners down. Please and Thank yous please and thank you. The thank yous have been pretty easy and both of you are pretty good, saying it most of the time if not all the time whether appropriate or not. You will say it when you are handing me something. Gabe you're better at the pleases than Bea. When you ask for "more baba" I say "more baba please" and Gabe repeats while Bea, my little strong willed girl will say "no". Recently this has meant no more cookies for Bea while Gabe you have another and on another occasion Bea going back into time out 5 times when you wouldn't say sorry to Gabe for hitting him. Just "no" when I tell you to say sorry. I hope that 'stage' ends soon.

I have to give a jumping update. WE FIGURED IT OUT!!! WE ARE JUMPERS NOW!!! Both of you still have to hold on to something but you are getting some air and although cute.....not as funny as the earlier stage.

Daddy Magnum PI and Engineer Gabe

We had a big birthday party for you guys on Halloween. It was a great time with lots of food and friends. The pictures will explain although I wish I had better costume pictures. One surprise was how much you guys liked Trick or Treatin. It was way past your bed time and you had been over stimulated for hours but you were both great about holding hands and happily went up to every house and said "HI" with even a few attempts at "Twick or Tweat" and you both were so cute in your costumes I thought I was going to kiss you raw.

Gabe my lil'train engineer and Bea the scary witch with Mama Medusa

I could go on for ages about how cool you guys are right now cause I love yah so much. FI this is the terrible twos.....well bring it on

Birthday girl eating cake

xxoo Mama (or more recently Mommmmmmeeeeeee)

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