Thursday, 1 October 2009


I have come to realize one of the things that I really have to learn to stop doing. I have always said that I have to learn to live in the moment more but I think I have something even worse than that. I project my happiness into the future too. We have had a very busy summer...full of social events and obligations and I keep ticking them off the lists like I can't wait for them to be over instead of looking forward to them. So life becomes a long list of things that need to be ticked off before I can relax and enjoy? Is that any way to live?

I think this same illness manifests itself in many ways. Like my day dreaming of the pride and self worth I will feel when I have finished my cook book instead of enjoying doing it or feeling challenged by the challenge. It makes it so you aren't doing things for the right reasons and probably have a smaller chance of actually ever following through. You are living for something projected into the future instead of the reality of now.

How do you stop doing that?

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