Tuesday, 29 September 2009

23 and counting

Dear BeaZee and Littleman ,

So one month and counting till TWO. It seems crazy that it has only been two years when I don't remember life without you.....did I have a life before you guys? Certainly not one that counted, mattered or felt as meaningful!

Most of September was a busy month. We did another trip to Ottawa, this time for Daddy to work but we stayed a couple extra days to visit and go to Sarah Jane's Birthday party. There were a million other little kids there and we kept loosing the two of you in the sea of little people. They had set up the same bouncy castle that had been at Granny's internment in May, the one that Gabe loved and Bea was scared of. But what a difference a couple of months can do. This time Bea we couldn't keep you out of it. There was lots great fun to be had with bubbles, mini ice cream cones (this was a first this month...you had had small bites of ice cream when we ate it but you got your very own cone at Scoops on Wednesday September 9th. You both had 'no sugar added' vanilla on a mini cone and asked about 'ceeeem' every day after. You were very happy when you got to have it again at the party) You guys really are great in social situations. I worry sometimes that being at home with me all the time is going to create some social issues for you later when you do start school but you guys jump right in with the other little kids. It was a late party night for the two of you and you fell asleep in the car on the drive home.

One thing I keep meaning to add every month is the enormous amount of help it is when you guys started pushing you arms, legs and heads through the clothing we were putting you in. This started ages ago but you guys just keep getting better at this and it really makes getting you dressed soooooo much easier then trying to push a floppy arm through a sleeve. The draw back of course is that you have figured out how to UN-dress yourselves as well, Bea mostly, and there have been a few time I have come to grab you after naps to find nakedness, including a frightening lack of diaper. This included a time where the diaper HAD been full of poo. Poo was now all over hands, the crib and the wall behind it. Ooooooohhhhh so many Pooventures

I read a book lately that went through the developmental stages of the toddler and it said that the last months coming up to the second birthday is crazy talking time. That kids go from the huge list of single words they know to using them in sentences. This couldn't be more true. When talking most of the connective tissue is mumbling nonsenses but there is a complete thought in there and we can catch the meaning especially if it is in the right context. The hard part is following what you are saying about something earlier in the day. The funny part is I am starting to hear the the beginnings of talking about yourselves in third person. Gabe holding up Bea's baba, "Bea Bea Baba" then his own "Gee baba". I guess I always thought this was something that parents got going from the way they spoke to their kids but I think it has more to do with not knowing/understanding possessives. You guys are getting good at adjectives though.

I love some of the funny stuff about toddlers. The jumping kills me. Neither of you can figure out jumping but you love doing what you think jumping is. For Bea this is bending knees and coming up to standing on one foot, both arms up in the air. For Gabe it is holding on to something and doing what would be jumping if you got any air but you don't. You both love doing this and will do it when ever I ask. I make a point of really cheering you on.

We didnt take very many pictures this month and for that I am sorry. We need to get better about video too but we have been so busy and so are you guys. Daddy and I will be good about remember to take a camera where we go but you guys keep us so occupied that we never remember to take any pictures.

We have another busy month ahead that includes a crazy two year old birthday party and I promise to remember to take pictures.

love Mama

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