Monday, 20 July 2009


Dear Cups and Little Man,

NO this was my favorite month!!!

We have been so busy that this month flew by. Event after event, party party party......

Like every month I am amazed by the changes. These last couple of months the physical changes are with your physical growth not so much ability. Both of you have gotten taller and are starting to look like little kids not toddlers. This frightens me a little, why do you have to grow up so fast?? Gabe you are officially going to be TALL like Dada, you have sprouted past Bea and when I measured you up against the wall, you are a full inch taller than her. Except when she has done her hair.....The big changes were really language. This was the month that we started putting sentences together. Gabe -"Go car Vooom", "Dada car byyyyyye", "Baba more", "Bye Car", "Poo Bum", "Baba Guk"
Bea - "Nye nye baby", "Poo Bum", "All done bum" or sometimes "All Bum", "Baby bum", "

You have both gotten heavily into Elmo. This is because we started taping Sesame Street to see if you would like it. And like every LOVE Elmo, but in this house he is known as "Melmo". Bea you will even start to sing his theme song "lalalalala" when you want us to sing it or put the show on.

There are a couple of funny routines that started this month. You both run away and want us to chase you doing monster sounds when it is time to get in your high chairs. And Gabe you are really into whispering......I don't know how this started but now the routine is that we have a little whisper of I love you and baba and guk as I put you in your crib for the night. The funny thing about whispering is it happens with you pressing you forehead against my cheek

This month was Isabelles 3rd birthday party and it was at the park. We had tons of fun running around. Bea you have decided that you like walking the dog. You will hold the leash and be dragged around for hours. There have been a couple of mishaps and falls when Gertie tugs just a little too hard and you come crashing down.
Here you all are singing Happy Birthday

And to give Gabe just a little more attention.....Gabes you got your first haircut this month!! Heres a before and after.

I couldn't even begin to tell you how much I enjoy your company. You are both the silliest, funniest, sweetest.......holy...just the best!!

xxoo Mama

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