Tuesday, 30 June 2009

OOOhhhhhh to be 20 months old

Dear B Z and my Handsome Boy,

Oh how we have changed!!!

And I know I say it every month so I will stay with tradition......THIS was my favorite!! You guys just get yummier and more fun all the time.

I have to admit, this monthly letter is getting harder and harder to write every month. Not because you guys aren't doing anything amazing but because SO much is happening and I am stuck as to where to start. I can't say something as base as "walking" because the changes now are subtle and life altering but hard to explain.........like.......you both seem to 'get it' more now. When I explain something, ask you to do something, point to a toy across the room, give direction or tell you what we are going to do....you seem to get it. Today I sang the 'clean up' song and you both cleaned up!! You are also both starting to string a couple of words together. They aren't full on sentences but you are starting to get it. "Dada.....CAR!" after watching Dada drive away. "Poo Bum" when you need to be changed or want your "cute little bum pinched" which is what we do when we check diapers and they are clean. Unfortunently this bit of cuteness is getting in the way of potty training.....

We have both learned the magic word "NO" or as Bea says "Neeeeeeoooo" and Gabe "Nnnnnnnoh". At first I found it kinda sad that no would be one of the first heavily rotated words and not yes but then I realized that I never really say yes to you. When something is right or correct I say "thats right". One of the benefits of you now knowing the meaning of no is when I tell you no, you generally stop doing whatever you are doing.....with you two monkeys it is usually a safety issue like this one

One time I found you both standing on the dining room table but it freaked me out way to much to think to grab the camera. Or this one....yes this is the cabinet that I tv and stereo are in

This scares the crap out of me and you are both so fast it only takes a second for you both to be back there. This is also your favorite place to go to hide to poo. Both of you are pretty good about telling me you have to poo so I say, "Lets go sit on the potty" and you say "Neeeeeooooo" or "Nnnnnnnoh" and then run back here and poo in your pants while I beg you to get out. Dada and I are trying to devise a plan on how to block it off.

You also shifted nap time this month. When I would put you down at 11, it wasn't always successful and often I would listen to thumbing around over the monitor. So I pushed it to 11:30 and that seem to do the trick. Not only that you are both taking really good 2-3 hour naps and now bed time is 7 instead of 6:30. You guys are big kids now and I only love you bigger


Here are a few of my favorite shots from this month

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