Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Mighty Life List

I post this list for the first time in June of 2009.  Now two years later this is how much I have accomplished.  I have added to it since then.  There are a few things that you will notice are only partially crossed off.  These are things that have been done 'in part', have been started or are a life time of learning

There has been so much talk about "living your best life" and ways to do it. I like a few of them ie writing your obit if you died now and then write the obit you want to have. In thinking about the one I would like to have I started this.....It is my Mighty Life List

I will add to it as I think of stuff. My only concern with starting this venture is that I spent all my time thinking of things to put on my list and putting them on my list that I don't actually do them....

1. Travel Asia
2. Get health issues under control, be healthy again (Stopped eating gluten helped, still some more to go)
3. Grow most if not all of my vegetables (grew slot this past summer, planning on doing more ever year)
4. Safari in Africa
5. Take French cooking classes (Le Cordon Blue)
6. Have 'the house', with 'the kitchen'
7. Have another baby
8. Have a big wedding anniversary party
9. Volunteer somewhere (TPOMBA)
10. Get my drivers license (I have my learners permit)
11. Write and get published 'the cookbook'
12. Learn to sew, get sewing machine
13. Be a valued member of a community
14. Learn to be a better gardener
15. Get a university degree
16. Start running again
17. Be able to cross money issues off my life list of worries
18. Go to a yoga retreat
19. Learn to speak fluent French
20. Completely restore old family house
21. Be able to spend long holidays at old family house
22. Learn to live in the moment more
23. Get a bicycle
24. Start doing Yoga daily
25. Get off the Grid
26. Be brave and eat French food without wondering what part of the animal it is
27. Spend a day at the spa getting EVERYTHING(ideally I would like to do this a couple of times a year)
28. Run a half marathon
29. Learn to follow through and finish what I start
30. Take singing lessons and sing out LOUD
31. Pick something and stick with it
32. Learn to make cheese

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Anonymous said...

i love this list.
amazingly (even tho' we haven't seen eachother for ages) i have much of the same on MINE.

wonderful to re-connect w/ you,