Tuesday, 28 April 2009

One and a half years old!!!

Dear Bea and Gabe,

So here we are at 18 months...HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?

And again like every other month I will tell you about how this one was my favorite.

You have both become the most amazing little personalities but really this month was all about language.....HOLY COW the constant talking!!

gory= Story
gug gory= good story
nye nye= nite nite
me me= Mini (the cat)
Key= tree
Oaths= Shoes
Ah lala= Umbrella
Beh= Bear
Ish= Fish
Bahl= Ball
Boo Bahl= Blueberry
Pah pah= Puffs
Cah= Car
Uck= Duck
At= Hat
Meh=Cow (I think you're Mooing)
Ahoooo =Cat (you are meowing)
Ig= Pig
ight= Light
Beebee= Baby when it doesnt mean Bea Bea

and owl, wolf, yum, apple, car, babah, Dada, Mama, Goggy, Tub, Geeb and even sometimes Gabe, Beebee or Geegee. We are getting poo down too but you both only want to tell me AFTER the event instead of a warning. You both will try to copy words as I say them if we are reading a book. And the amount that you actually understand is amazing

National Pants on your Head Day...this game lasted for hours

The best story of the month explains what monkeys the two of you have become. I was in the kitchen making lunch and peeking in on the two of you playing. I thought it was a bit of a myth that if the kids are too quiet they are up to no good but it is really true. The two of you had stopped talking endlessly and I knew something was up. One peek found Bea up ON TOP of the dining room table and Gabe on a chair on his way up. Bea you were just sitting there eating some of the food I had already put out. The meltdown that followed from putting you both back down on the floor.......well there really is no need to comment.
I like that Bea is posing for the camera.......and yes I know your in plastic diapers!! It was a laundry emergency day

Both of you only want to feed yourselves and we are trying to learn how to use a fork. Meals that involve being spoon fed make you both angry and I can only get any into you if I sing really loudly......THE BEACH BOYS.....now I don't know any Beach Boys songs but I kind of know the tune so I make up lyrics and then add what little of the chorus that I know. This means I shovel in as much as I can while the two of you dance in your chairs. I have a feeling my technique will be short lived and we will have to find a better trick for the coming months or at least till you have enough teeth to eat the bowls of veg.

One thing that has become obvious as the nicer weather is upon us is that the two of you both got your Dads complexion. The few really nice days we have had so far have been spent in the backyard. While I come in burnt, the two of you are fine. Once summer hits I plan on the three of us wearing so much sunblock that this experiment will end.
Both of you have become great walkers and are even doing a little running. My favorite run is the one towards me when I hold my arms out for hugs. I love my monkeys

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