Saturday, 28 March 2009


Dear Bea and Gabe

Yesterday came and went and now you are 17 months old. I remember my pregnancy feeling like it was endless. And mine wasn't even as long as most! But how can the pregnancy feels so long and the baby time feels so short. It is official, if there was a governing body of such things, you are no longer babies and now you are toddlers. And like I say every month.....this is my favorite time. It really does just get better and better.

We are in a stage now where every day is different and new. From one day to the next new words will be learned or physically something will change. It makes every day so much fun. The one thing that I have been trying to instill in both of you from a young age is the love of music and dancing and I think that you are both into it. Bea, you will dance to everything and anything. Bobbing up and down, bouncing on your bum and swinging your arms around kind of like doing the twist. Gabe, you bounce up and down too but your arms do more of a waving "hi' like crazy thing and you both sing while you're doing it. Sing is "ahhhhh ahhhhhha ahhhhhhh" I am always surprised that you know all the words.

Gabes Playing in the yard

I have mentioned it before but I have been teaching you guys sign language. Just the simple basic communication stuff but one of the signs this month turned into words. "All done" the sign is now "Ahhhhhhh Daaaaaaaa" while signing. It is unbearably cute.
Gabes, we have learned about cars and trucks. If I ask about them you will run to the window to climb the couch and point out the cars and trucks. Car sounds like 'carrr' but trucks sounds like "cwuck'. Now Bea is on to this new fun game.
We have picked up a couple of other new words this month, "oooooooo yah" and "gabba gabba" the only tv show you watch. We seem to have Mama and Dada down now although it isn't always the right parent for the name. In fact, sometimes Bea, you will walk around pointing to yourself and saying "mama mama mama' And to be really cute you have both come up for names for the other. Bea, you call Gabe "Geeeee" and Gabe you called Bea Bea "Gigee" You call each other from room to room, so my day is full of "Geeee Geeeee GEEEEE" and "Gigeeeeeee" and you both come running when the other one calls.

This is a picture of you guys watching Yo Gabba Gabba with Daddy before bedtime. Daddy is singing along......Gabe is VERY tired

Bea my comedienne, you have started making this face. And because it makes everyone laugh so much you now make it all the time. You do this and then pretend to chew like a old lady with no teeth. The whole thing is so weird it makes me laugh every time.
We have these plastic rings that are to attach toys to objects but Bea, you have decided they make good bracelets. Where you got the idea I don't know cause I don't wear any jewelry but you walk around very ladylike while you have them on

You are both full time walkers now and almost never crawl. You are still tentative on uneven surfaces and don't like walking on the lawn so far. The recent development is walking while holding stuff. The ability to move stuff around so much has made the daily mess you guys make triple so we have started cleaning up at the end of the day WITH you and not doing it after you're in bed. I also have to mention that Gabe has the silliest cutest walk ever. My little man stomps around like his legs are little pistons, straight up and down, clomp clomp, arms straight. LOVE IT!

GAHHH I love you guys!!!

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