Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Am I crazy??

So the husband and I are serious considering moving to the country. In fact it isn't just a serious consideration but a serious plan. He is looking for work in the area we plan to move. Once that is lined up we will start to house hunt.

This again is all about how much I feel like I have changed in the last couple of years. My husband always lamented the fact that I had no desire to ever leave the city. There were so many reasons for us to stay, my work, good schools for the kids, the fertility clinics we needed to have the kids, our friends, our history, etc etc. He has always wanted some property, some land and that I could understand but the idea of full time life out there just never made sense for/to me. I also don't have a drivers licence and the idea of trying to get one this late in life........well more than anything I am a chicken!!

So now I have spent the last year and change at home being a full time mom and I love it. The dreams of finishing design school or of even working in the design field are all but gone. I want a life that affords us the option of me staying at home until the kids are in full time school and the option of having another baby.....or two.

Instead of being chicken I am learning about chickens. How to raise them, the different species etc. I am really looking forward to the challenge and I am excited about another major change. But with all the excitement and forward I missing the boat on how hard this is going to be?? Am I not paying attention to the stress of the changes? Am I crazy??


Anonymous said...

You should bug Ryan about all this, for real. And Corrie. They'd happily answer any and all questions or concerns!

Elizabeth Elliott said...

Okay...I had no idea you even had a blog! I agree with Caitlin, you should talk to Ryan and Corrie about it. I go back and forth on living in the country all the time. (Especially because I grew up in a small town and didn't love it as a teenager to say the least.) On one hand, it would be so fulfilling, on the other hand we'd miss out on all the city has to offer. It's a tough decision for sure!