Tuesday, 28 October 2008

12 Months = One Year!!

This week you turned one year old. Where did the time go??

I have to admit that I have been using the fact that I have 'newborn' twins as my excuse for not participating in events that I just don't want to go to. My excuse is wearing thin with the two of you over a year old. I wanted to make this entry extra special, make sure that I recognize the hugeness of a whole year but I'm not sure how I can do that. You are still only a month older than the last time I wrote....

This month we went teef crazy. Bea Bea already had her two bottoms and Gabe had just popped one last month but in the last month you both got a mouth full. First Bea started getting her Vampire teeth. When they were half way in we had a doctors appointment and I asked about the unusual order that her teeth were coming in. He said that they looked healthy and that she must have gotten it from someone in the family. I asked around but no one else got teeth in this order........and then Gabe's started to come in too. At this point Gabe you had both bottoms finally and now crazy Vampire teeth too. The best part of all of this crazy teeth growing was you both manage to have them grown in just in time for Halloween. Dad and I thought about dressing you both up like Vampires for the trick and treaters but realized that you would both in bed for the night before the first one arrived. And now a week later both of you have both top fronts coming in. You are both taps of drool and want to bite everything. I would give it another week and you will each have four on top and the two bottoms. Then we can have fun with some new foods!

Dad and I hosted a big birthday bash for you. All six grandparents, Great Uncle Terry and Great Aunt Lizzie, Caley, Noah, Great Aunty Finn, Aunty Caitty, Uncle Bob and Aunty Dotty with Izzy and brand new Juliet, Uncle Alex and Aunt Susan with Nathan, Uncle Ian and Aunt Jenn, Declan and his parents, Sophie and her parents, and more all came to shower you with love. We started a tradition of a green birthday that I hope we can keep up. Everyone should know the joy and excitement of having gifts to open but I also want you two to be aware of the privilege of receiving those gifts, and be thankful and respectful of what you have. You received some fantastic prezzies and have been having great fun.

So much has changed in the last year but so much as stayed the same. In my very first letter I said "Bea, you are the comedian. You are constantly mugging and making faces" and "Gabe you are sweet curiosity" and you both still are. Bea you are my bringer of Joy and Gabe you are my Angel and you love you both more everyday for it.


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I just got all choked up reading this!