Thursday, 4 September 2008

Why can't we all just get along???

There are new things to learn at every stage of life. But there was one I had heard of but never experienced until I became a mother. The joy of being judged by other parents. People choose there plan of attack when they are faced with parenthood. I know poor choice of words, maybe I am feeling a little too much like a parent of multiples.......And much like religion, they feel that their choice is the only way. That they are doing it right and the rest of us are completely fucking it up. Will my children will be damaged and will they suffer life long emotional scars because of the choices I've made?

I love reading Mommy Bloggers, and I capitalize this because I think we are a special breed and deserve to be in CAPS. Many of us write to document life for our children to read later, some of us are doing it to reach out to other Mommys, some of us are passing time during mat leave and some are women who have always been blogging and became mothers. I love you all. I love you for sharing your stories, for being honest and sometimes getting down and dirty. But I don't love the judgement, the scorn and the down your nose looking.

I read MANY parenting books while pregnant and have watched many friends while they raise their children and made alot of decisions of how I wanted to raise my children once they arrived. The thing is.....once they got here I had to re-adjust some of those ideas. Not because they aren't good ways to raise your children but because they weren't going to work for my children or my family.

Being a mommy is hard. It is the best thing I have ever done and I had to work harder then most to get to this magic land. I am a good mom and my children are very happy healthy babies and I hope the same for you whether you practise Attachment Parenting and they sleep in the same bed with you or you sleep them in a crib, whether you soothe them to sleep or whether you let them cry a little. Educate yourself and find what is going to work for you family and children. But the worst thing you can teach your children is to be judgemental bigots.

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