Wednesday, 27 August 2008

10 months and counting

Dear Bea and Gabe,

Today you turn ten months old. From now on you will always be double digits in the months old and that's a major landmark. I can't believe we are closing in on a year old. Where has all the time gone? This whole summer has flown by.

This was another crazy month of so much happening I hope I remember it all to be able to tell you guys about it.

Bea Bea wins the tooth race with two little bottom chompers that are razor sharp. You like to show them to me when you smile and they make me laugh every time. Gabe, you are teething like crazy but no toof yet. For now you are my little gummer. While Beas energy is going into teeth, Gabe your crawling like a champ now and you are pulling yourself up to standing which scares the crap out of me. You are suddenly a little boy covered in bruises. At the end of the day your little knees are bright red and sometimes scratched but you never complain, you love getting around and scream with joy. But you aren't so sure about the waterpark.

Both of you have become killer laughers this month and laugh at each other often which I love. I love that you like each other so much. Sometimes while you are both crawling around, you will find each other and fight to kiss each other. I find you both all wet from kisses and laughing.

This month was busy with travels. First we went to Stratford to visit Grampa Andy and Gramma Ruth for the day. They just couldn't get over the fact that there were two of you. Gramma Ruth fed you and Grampa Andy just couldn't believe how much you ate. Aunty Isis came over to play and you guys were extra charming and did pretty well considering that you pretty much missed all you naps for the day.

Then the following weekend Gramma Robin and Grampa Garwood came to visit and take us back to Pakenham with them. You guys were such troopers on the ride there. There was a major car accident on the highway that held us in parked traffic for two hours. The grandparent took you guys out of your seats and walked along the 401 with you. Everyone had gotten out of their cars to enjoy the nice day and see if they could see what was going on up the road. It was actually kind of neat and restored my ever failing hope for humanity. A group of girls with a case of water in their car handed out bottles and gave us extra encase we had to make formula because who knows how long we will be here. By the time we got to Pakenham it was well past your bedtimes but you guys were pretty happy campers and went down and slept through the night.

We spent a week in Pakenham visiting with family there. Great Granny Marion was the one most pleased to see you guys. I think she has an extra fondness for you because you are twins. The whole town knows about the Johnson twins. She asks about you guys often. I hope you have the chance to get to know her.

You guys are at the age when you start to do things that make sense. We got you a drum and I showed you how to use it and you drum it. Bea Bea your latest thing that is driving me crazy is to throw your food on the floor and then complain that your hungry. I find this incredibly frustrating but try to remember that everything is a stage and you will grow out of this soon enough too. AS fast as the stages are going and sometimes you are glad to see them pass, I feel like everything is going too fast. When I hold up the tiny sleepers you wore when you got home from the hospital, I miss my tiny little babies. Now I have 20lb roasters.

Your dad and I made a promise to you when you were born that we would always look at you with joy, no matter how close to the end of my rope I try to show you that I love you unconditionally and that the only way to face life is with a smile. These days with how joyful you both are, you have made that promise really easy to keep.
You guys kill me and I love you


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