Monday, 28 July 2008

A Whole 9 Momths Old

Dear Beatrice and Gabriel aka Cheeks and Freckle Butt,

I can't believe how fast the time is going. I know that every month I say that it has been my favorite month but this time it is the most true. You guys are so much fun right now.

Neither of you are crawling yet but you can really move. Bea you drag your legs behind you pushing with your arms and Gabe, you get every where is long loopy circles done with a combination of rolling and spinning on your tummy.

You are an age now that you are so much fun to show off. Bea Bea you are starting to act shy which is so weird cause you were passed around so much in the family because Gabe was sick. I have to admit I don't mind too much because your way of being shy is to hide your face in my neck and I love it.

The nap schedule is fully entrenched now, just in time for you to start growing out of it. Bea you love the schedule and will happily go to sleep for naps and bed time but Gabe you are fighting sleep every time. I think you are just having so much fun moving around and doing stuff that no matter how tired you get you want to keep going. You are a strong willed little bugger and will fight and fight but I always win by putting you in your crib. If you are tired you never last very long in there. One major change is you are sleeping through the night now. Your waking got later and later into the night until you were waking to eat about an hour before you would get up for the day which was a bit of a nightmare because you couldn't fall back to sleep after, too light outside. All this coincided with adding another meal of solids (making it three) and once we had more solid food going into you, you just didn't need the nighttime calories. Daddy and I spent two weeks bring a bottle to bed just in case but you really did just stop totally. And boy are you both hungry in the morning!!!

Gabe wins the first freckle contest. I have meant to mention this for a couple of months but Gabe you got the cutest freckle ever right on your butt. Right where mommy has one too. Your current nicknames are Freckle Butt, Big Head (you really do have a big head), Tuddy, Litttle Man (which always makes you smile) Mister Boy and Daddy calls you Little Buddy which I don't like.

Bea you are now Girl with a Curl, Chubb-its, Pinkerton Poodlepants (thanks to aunty Caity), Cheeks, Cups, Lil' Dirl, and Beetley Bea.
You both will occasionally get Fuss Butt, Stink Butt or Grumps.

And you both LOVE bubbles

You are both talking up a storm with Bea doing Nanananananana and Dadadadadadada and Gabe doing Babababababa and Mamamamamam. We thought at first that it was because we keep trying to get Mama and Dada out of you but then we realized that Bea is doing all the sounds that involve tongue to the roof of the mouth and Gabe is doing all sounds that involve the lips. And we wanted you to be calling us.
This week we have a pediatrician appt and will have a better idea of your weights and heights but I would place bets that you are both around 20 lbs now. And I love every ounce!!
love Mama

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Caitlin said...

Hey, Rebecca Romejn-Stamos-Something is pregnant with twins too. Guess you started the trend? IVF is so hot this year, it's on fire.