Saturday, 28 June 2008

8 whole momths

Dear Beatrice and Gabriel,

Another big month in the life of the Johnson Twins and I am tired. Yes you both are sleeping longer and longer and give plently of opportunity for us to sleep but so much happened this month that the awake time has been very busy.

Both of you are rolling all over the place. You are never in the same place I left you and I find myself chasing you all over the house. I don't know how I am going to handle crawling! Neither of you have figured out crawling yet but you both are really interesting in moving. Either with rolling or pushing yourself along on your backs with your feet. The sounds of your heads thumping against the hardwood floors makes me worry for your future careers but neither of you seem to mind.

And you both love to eat

You have started to piss eachother off by grabbing toys away from eachother which is a weird dynamic after you getting along so well up to now. The only trouble that we have had is Gabe pulling Beas hair but now that Gabes hair has grown in some, Bea, you're doing it right back.

I finally got you guys on a really good nap schedule and you were both happy clams. You would sleep better at night after having good naps all day and I could actually get a couple of things done during the day. This of course was all shot to hell with a case of the stomach flu that got everyone in this house including visiting Grampa Garwood. Gabe yours started on the monday night and I was up all night with you. By Tuesday afternoon I had it, Wednesday Bea and Grampa got it and Thursday Daddy started. For most of us it was really bad for a couple of days but Gabe is still suffering a week later. On Friday after being worried about your hydration we took you to Sick Kids. They made sure that it wasn't affecting your kidney and gave you IV fluids. You seemed to be feeling alot better for the next couple of days then another vomit Sunday and then another today, Tuesday. As tired as I am, I am mostly tired of worrying. (added later - this stomach bug then landed Gramma Sue and Grampa Lloyd and then aunty Caitlin. We are now calling Gabe patient zero)

It seems this month you have both almost mastered sitting up. Still a little wobbly but you both like sitting and usually only fall over when grapping for a toy. I bet you will both have this down by the end of the month.

Your very proud aunty Caitlin brought you some prezzies this month

And we bought you a wading pool for the back yard which you both have decided you like on a hot day

I think that everyone has moments in their lives that they wonder why these are the cards they had delt. Wonder why this is the path and it is only looking back that you can start to make sense of why. I wondered for a long time why I was in the restaurant business for so long...sure it was fast money for me but I also prided myself on how good I was at it. I have started to find reason for my well honed multitasking skills, for my ability to remember vast quanities of useless information for quick and easy recall. Unbeknownist to me I was going to be a parent of multiples and had to get good for the very complicated orders and demands of the most important customers of all.

love Mama

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