Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Seven Momths

Dear Beatrice and Gabriel,

Today you turn 7 months old. I am still amazed by how fast the time is going. As parents of twins we spend so much time ‘managing’ you guys that we don’t get a lot of time to step back and enjoy you. I have been trying very hard to do this. You are both turning onto amazing little people. I think this month you have done the most changes of all the months so far.

You both are officially turning over regularly and on purpose. Now that I see you guys doing it, all the other times were accidental destinations after lots of wiggling. Bea Bea, because you sleep on your tummy and are so strong at raising your head you like to turn over when we are playing on the floor. You can lift yourself up on your elbows and play with a toy. Gabe, you have a harder time with this. I think the fact that you have had such limited tummy time with the surgery and ostomy this is a little slow going for you. The fact that you have an enormous head doesn’t help either. You will play on your tummy for a little while and when your get tired you rest your head on the floor. I always turn you back on your back so you can keep playing.

Dad and I have been giving you both loud chewy kisses since you were born and of course it is one of the first this you have both learned how to do. Both of you have been lunging at our faces with your mouths wide open. Once there we get either a wet open mouth lick or sometimes an open month suck. Either way we are wet with sloppy kisses and I love it!!

This month we moved you into your own room. I have to admit I had been looking forward to not sneaking into my own bedroom every night. I have always needed to read before falling asleep and this was impossible with you two asleep in there when it was my bed time. Once we had moved the cribs into your room, our room looked empty and lonely. Both Dad and I ended up feeling sad that this stage of your life was already over. This is when I can’t believe how fast the time goes and how I don’t want to miss a thing.

We have started eating solids, well cereal and you both love it. I thought for sure that Bea Bea would be more into it because she was showing more signs of being ready to eat but once we got the food out Gabe you had no trouble eating at all and Bea......it was everywhere! I think you both like the oatmeal cereal best so far and in a couple of days we start fruits and veg. Feeding you guys is fun although very messy and takes forever to clean up. Once I have you strapped in your chairs you both get so excited that we are going to eat that you bounce up and down and rap you fists against the highchair tray.

The struggle this month as been naps. It is true that now that sleep is more organized that both of you don’t cry very often any more. We were letting you get too tired before we would start the sleep ritual. Bea, you seem to have taken to this the most and have enjoyed going to sleep more then ever. No more screaming fights to sleep. Tonight in fact, you wiggled and wiggled in my arms and I thought that it was the beginning of the meltdown but you just wanted me to put you in your bed to fall asleep and not hold you till you did. This is VERY different then just a couple of days ago. Gabe, you don’t like the new routine and have been very unhappy about it. Your naps have gotten worse but your night time sleep has gotten better. You are still getting up once to eat but it is getting later and later and neither of you are fussing at all during the night. Dad and I are just starting to feel human again. Keep up the good work you two.

This month you both are trying to conquer sitting up. You can both do the tripod sit (leaning forward with you hands on the floor) with some success but you both fall to one side occasionally. This has made playing so much more fun. Today I had both of you sitting leaning against my legs and you took turns grabbing each others faces and giving wet kisses. You guys are crazy about each other and Dad and I are crazy about you.