Thursday, 3 April 2008

5 Momths Cute

Dear Bea and Gabe,

Last week you turned 5 months old. I am VERY late writing this and I am sorry. WE have had lots of visitors the last couple of weeks. First it was Gramma and now your cousin Amy is here. Again you both have been busy changing and growing. Last Friday we had your monthly doctors appointment and Gabe you weighed 14 lbs with Bea just ahead at 14 lbs 6 oz. This means that Gabe is catching up on you Bea!! We think that Gabe had a huge growth spurt and stretched out some of his chubbiness this week, your diapers are loose around your hips and you seem so long. We use to be able to hold each of with one arm, your little body stretching from elbow to wrist but now it takes both arms and all my strength.

This month we have started a night night schedule. Gabe you are up for anything and besides getting up once a night to eat you tolerate the bath, massage and warm bottle. Then you close your eyes and go to sleep. Very rarely do you complain. Bea you fight sleep. You like the bath and kick your feet and you even like the massage and songs we sing while we do it but as soon as I lay you back and we are having our night night bottle you start to cry. You know that we expect you to sleep next and you HATE falling sleep. You don't want to miss a thing. I'd like to think the schedule helping. You are asleep now!!

You both have done lots of changing this month. You guys are becoming so much fun!! This month you have discovered each other and love to sit looking at each other. You just sit there smiling at each other. I love to watch. We have also started reading you books and it is amazing how you sit looking at the pictures and listening. It's strange but you are like little people now.

Bea, you started laughing, true belly laughs and luckly we got it on tape. I was playing with you and you just started laughing. I called to cousin Amy and she grabbed the camera. I am so glad we caught this moment on tape. I have watched it a bunch of times and every time it makes me laugh more. We tried to show you the tape, thinking that you would like it, you like staring at the the TV so why wouldn't you like to watch video of yourself but it just made you cry. You are also showing signs of being ready for solidish food. You watch me eat and when I put a spoon to your mouth you opened your mouth. Dad and I have bought some cereal for you but I would like to wait. They say you should wait till 6 months old and I have even been told to wait till you are 6 months past your full term date which would mean waiting till you are 7 and a half months but you just seem almost ready. You have also started having real tears when you cry which just makes it all the harder for us to watch. You are also kickin the cutest mohawk in town.

Gabe your not interested at all in food and I don't want to rush your tummy any way. You are ahead of Bea physically. You can already roll over on to your side, and grab things and put them in your mouth. You never did roll over again like you did at the Mommy's reunion, I guess it was an accident. But your absolute favorite thing in the world is looking out the window. You love the trees and sky. If ever you are fussy I just walk you to a window and you calm right down. You are going to be a little camping outdoor guy like your Daddy maybe??

I make sure that our bedtime routine ends with me telling you that I love you so it is the last thing you hear every night and I plan on keeping that routine for a long time.


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