Tuesday, 3 April 2007

What I have been up to

I have been getting nasty message, notes and comments that I haven't updated my blog in a long time. I had no idea that my musings were held so dear. MY FANS.....my darling fans.........this is why I have been unable to write. I have been very busy.

I have been busy running for Miss Florida

Miss First Coast Emily Martin 23
Stop Smoking Before It Starts
University of Central Florida
Vocal - Why Haven't I Heard From You?
$3,000 Scholarship

I Have also been singing for the Grand Rapids MI Opera and teaching numerous Yoga and spinning classes

Lyric Soprano Emily Martin is an artist whose career includes appearances on the opera, orchestral and musical theater stages. Besides singing principal roles with companies around the country, she has also been a guest artist in classical and pops concerts with orchestras coast to coast and Europe, including debuts at Carnegie Hall and Avery Fisher Hall. Her repertoire includes leading ladies from Susanna, Musetta and Donna Anna to Valencienne, Gretel and Adele. Recently making her debut at The Santa Fe Opera in Peter Grimes, and performing her first Violetta in La Traviata this spring, Emily is looking forward to going back to Chautuaqua this summer.
Emily is certified as a Yoga instructor, Spinning instructor and Reiki practioner. She is also actively pursuing her certifications in personal training and nutrition. Her goal is to maintain her own level of fitness to further her singing career as well as offer her services to other singers to help them acheive and maintain a level of fitness, making their singing strong from the outside in. Please see the "Fit" page for more information.

And with my teaching and writing, when do I have time for Blogging?

Emily Martin
Professor of AnthropologyPh.D. Cornell University 1971.

Research interests include anthropology of science and medicine, gender, money and other measures of value, the ethnography of work, China, U.S.Publications (under the name Emily Martin Ahern until 1984)Books:1973. The Cult of the Dead in a Chinese Village. Stanford: Stanford University Press, reprinted 1988.(Authorized Taiwan edition, Caves Books, 1977, 1986.) 1981. Chinese Ritual and Politics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. The Anthropology of Taiwanese Society, coedited with Hill Gates. Stanford: Stanford University Press. (Authorized Taiwan edition, Caves Books 1981; reprinted SMC Publishing, 1997.)1987. The Woman in the Body: A Cultural Analysis of Reproduction. Boston: Beacon Press.English edition, 1989, Open University Press. German translation, 1989 Die Frau im Krper, Campus Verlag. Winner of Eileen Basker Memorial Prize, 1988Second Edition, 1992Third Edition, forthcoming, 20011994. Flexible Bodies: Tracking Immunity in American Culture from the Days of Polio to the Age of AIDS, Beacon Press. (Japanese translation, 1997)

But my Paper Art does help me relax


Sleepers, Dreamers & ScreamersBy Emily Martin2006. Edition of 15.
9.5 x 7 x 2"; 12 pages. An accordion construction with five double page pop-ups. Printed letterpress with hard covers.

First and last pop-ups constructed using assorted Asian, Western and dollhouse papers. Three middle pop-ups constructed using a handmade cotton and Philippine gampi paper made for the project by Bridgett O'Malley of Cave Paper. Text and figures printed in letterpress on BFK white and buff papers from polymer plates. Font is American Typewriter. Housed in cloth clamshell box with paper title on spine. Paper title label on front of matching cloth covered book boards.
Begun in 2001, Sleepers, Dreamers & Screamers was derailed by events of 9-11. The text was rewritten in the aftermath.
We've all had nightmares. Vivid as they may be there is always that sweet release upon waking. But what happens when events in our waking lives surpass even our most horrific dreams. Where is our release now?
I'm really very tired.....


OMG, that is too funny, you are a freakin' riot!

Bobby Meanswell
I feel your pain. I have a certain 'Mr. M' who is most distraught if I don't update my blog. Fame can be hard...

I never knew your mom's name was Rose Mary. Cool. That makes you Rose Mary's baby.

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