Friday, 6 October 2006

What the blog?

It's true, I will spread my lovin arms to any good blogging. I am a bloggin whore. Good blogs have made me realize that some of the books I read read like good blogs- David Sedaris, and the guy that wrote Running with Scissors. Stories of people lives and how they have felt while living them. Books written in the first person that take you on a journey with the protaganist, letting you feel what they feel. You are in the story, not just viewing it from above.

I lay NO claims to being good at this........what ever good means. And I know that very few even look/read my pages (maybe just my C8)but I enjoy the idea that I am trying to contribute to a world of thinking(even if it is just my own). That somewhere in our over stimulated, fast time/quick time, not fast enough entertainment reality tv show watching blurps we call life, that maybe we can find a new way to connect. Our way to realize that we are all human and that the reality is what you make, and this one is mine, not viewed from above but here in the trenches. My little peanut life likes the idea that it is adding some peanutty goodness to my audience of ONE.

It took years of Yoga to be able to shove my head this far up my own ass!

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