Monday, 2 October 2006


For all my bravado about MY My Space page, I have been completely crap about staying on top of keeping it up to date.

This year hasn't been full enough (new job, sell house, move, wedding after wedding and even a funeral AND eloped with the boyfriend of almost 6 years) I decided to fit in losing my job before year end just to mix it up a bit. I get bored easily and felt I needed to mix things up a bit. Yes, it's true, I have that much control over my life and the events of this year. Don't you wish you were more like me? I wish I was more like me. All of my lifes insecurities were challenged when I was claimed redundant!!

The interesting part is what this has brought up in me. I am serously considering going back to school...........................I think I want to be a teacher MA! Does this seem crazy?? Do I have time?? I know I am only 24.....eeer....hemmm...34 but can I really be considering a brand new start? I would be looking at around 4 years of schoolin' before I would be teachin' full time. English, I want to be a English teacher. I like apples, why not?!

Currently reading : What Next? The Complete Guide to Taking Control of Your Working Life By Babrara Moses Release date: 21 April, 2003


I wish I was less like me. Oh, and dinner worked out awesomely. I don't know if I told you this but I did a 'shepherd's pie' but with ground turkey and fresh sage, peas, then mashed sweet potatoes and topped with stuffing. Paul claims it's the best thing ever he's ever eaten that I made ever. And that if I change a thing, he'll cut off my hands.

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