Friday, 10 August 2007

To Do List

To Do List

I have been feeling an incredible sense of duty to get stuff done. Like I have been told that I only have 6 months to live or that I will lose all my memory so I better document the important things now.

1. I have a huge pile of books on my bedside table that I just have to read in the next 3 months, none of them baby books.

2. The whole house has to be spotlessly clean and organized. I have been tearing apart closets and reorganizing everything.

3. Laundry!!!....why is there always so much laundry??

4. I am having some weird padantic need to have all the carpets cleaned.
5. That mountain of paperwork (bills, reciepts, school documents) that never seem to be filed................NEED TO BE FILED

6. All the rooms that I want to paint, need to be painted in the next few weeks but I'm not allowed to do it, so someone else has to come over and paint my house, in the fashion and with the attention to detail that I would use in painting my house.

7. The box of pictures that we never put in photo albums needs to be done.

8. We are two years behind on our taxes because there is a ton of crap to go through to document 2005 and my attempt at running my own business.

9. We need new lamps in our bedroom. The two we have in there were great at the old house but here and the slanty ceilings, they reflect the light to much and if one of us is reading it is like to trying to sleep in the outfield of a baseball game. We need something smaller, wall mounted and shoots the light down just for the person on that side of the bed.

10. We need to get the carseats preperly installed in the car but this needs to be timed right. If we do it too soon, we will never be able to drive a third person or much stuff in the back seat because it will be taken up with the seat bases (the part you never remove) But we also have to get it done before there is any possible chance of the babies coming because they won't release us from the hospital without them.

11. I am feeling some panic about catching up on all the tv that I want to watch when the new season starts. Now that we have a PVR I can actually commit to a program and see that commitment through. My darling husband and I love LOST and managed to watch the first season on DVD but never was able to follow the second season when it started that fall. We always forget when that stuff is on and have missed two weeks of it before we remember that we like that show. So now we have been renting the second season and I hope to watch the third before the new one starts this fall. They are starting their fourth season this fall right??

12. I have knitting to do. What kind of new parent would I be if I didn't make them something when I have made all the other new babies stuff??

13. Hot bath, why don't I ever have time to take a hot bath??

I am pretty sure you have lost your mind.... :) 3 months, really, holy crap!

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