Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Time keeps on tickin tickin.....

"Time keeps on tickin tickin in tooo the futurrrrrrrre......"

Those that know the song can sing along....

It's true kids, time does go faster as you get older. It is now 33 days till I start school.....can you believe it?! I get excited just thinking about the smell of school supplies, sharpening my pencils, a new school bag. That was about the only thing I ever liked about back to school, that and the clothes. That reminds me, what should I wear the first day?......

I haven't really be suffering from the fear of "commitment" (yes I am making "" marks with my fingers!) See, I was never one of "thooooose people" (yes I'm doing it again) that had a "calling"(maybe again) I have always been interested in way too many things. The idea of commiting to one thing for "the rest of my life"(ok again) put the "fear of God" (and again) in me. So I settled......for "mediocrity" (yes......and?) Even my "limited career" (and your point is?) as an actress, there was no real "commitment" (I had to do it again!) made. My job "really" (it's an addiction) was to go to auditions, very rarely was I "a working actress" (I'll stop, I promise) And by calling myself an actress, it "excused" (just the one more time) me from ever commiting to "waitressing"(ok maybe one more) which is what I was really doing. But waitressing wasn't "cool" (soooooo hard to stop) and certainly not challenging. So as my brain died, I had to get over the "shit" (how could I resist ""ing shit?)

I just want "a little peanut life" (and this, how could I not "" this?) one that I am not "ashamed" (don't judge me) of, and one that I can come home from a days work and not need to rant for over an hour to "recover" (it had to be done) from. As long as I keep sniffing these new "back to school" (so) markers, I have been able to keep the the "commitment" (last time, I promise) demon at bay

God, my arms are tired!

Currently reading : Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Book 3) By J.K. Rowling Release date: 01 February, 2000

Oh, Em. I'll be home "soon" (I promise). And really, this is "the" funniest entry I have read in a long time. :)

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