Monday, 19 March 2007

This one face....this one......there

I was in a drug store the other day buying something that is none of your business but because the lines at all the cashiers were so long I thought I would pay at the pharmacy counter to save a few minutes.

There was a man, maybe mid forties, slightly over weight, terrible acne, huge sweat stains in his arm pits (it's march!?) breathing loudly in front of me picking up his prescriptions. His english wasn't great and the pharmacist was trying explain how to use his various medications.
"Take one of this when you go to bed" She shock the pill jar and then lay her head in her hands pretending to be asleep. He nodded that he understood.

"This one for your face" gesturing by making a circle around her face with her hand "Two times" shaking a peace sign in his face. He nodded.

"And this one.....well...this one is for .......ah" I noticed a pause in the progress of me moving up the line. I leaned forward a bit, thinking maybe my years of acting classes might come in assistance......the pharmasist was holding presciption strength hemorroid cream in one hand and the applicator in the other.

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