Tuesday, 9 October 2007

"Sleep perchance to Dream"

Baby books will tell you that you 'might' have very vivid dreams during your pregnancy...........This is an understatement!!!!

My dreams have ranged from crazy sex romps with other women, yes I have had 'lez-bean' dreams, although the first one happened during 'Pride' weekend here in Toronto and I thought maybe I was just celebrating diversity....subconsciencely...., to dreams about death or the most recurrent, the single parent dream!! I am searching desperately for the man that is the father of my children and can't find him anywhere or if I do find him, he is completely indifferent to the pregnancy and shrugs. Where this fear comes from I have no idea, cause if anything I am married to a man that is more excited about these kids then I am.......maybe cause he doesn't have to imagine their 'exit strategy'. Like Bush, this is something I never considered either!! I also dream about food a lot........

But mostly I barely sleep at all. I have always been a very heavy sleeper but now just the feeling of my fingernails growing is keeping me up. Or the dogs latest, incessant butt licking!!!! The sound of her slurping grunts while she licks her bum......leaving small wet spots in her wake...who could sleep through that??

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