Thursday, 5 April 2007

School Supplies

Tuesday of this week was orientation at the 'new school'. We had to meet with student finance, our program director, get all our books and supplies, log into our student portal and then meet for a "Pizza Party" in the auditorium where they took a picture for our student cards. Now this school, besides well know for it's interior design program, is known for its computer animation/graphics program and of the students that are starting this semester, about 75% of them are DnD playing, gaming, Myst card carrying, thick glasses wearing bon-A-fide GEEKS. All of whom felt that a very serious picture on their student card would make them more socially acceptable. Picture after picture as I moved my way up the line, the photographer would do a count down, "3" Student would look into camera, "2" Student would furrow eyebrows together in serious 'deep in thought' pose, "1" Student would tilt head so chin was leaning closer to the camera then forehead and some would flatten lips in strange straight line smile making everyone one of them look like the news anchor from the Muppet Show.....

Being one of only seven, yes SEVEN interior design students accepted this semester, I went a different route

While eating our pizza, the school president spoke to us about the demands of post secondary school, the quanities of homework and demands on our time. He then announced to a room full of people with pocket protectors that they might as well throw out their 'little black books' because they won't have time for a social life.

Shoulda used the Miss Florida picture for your student card. It really captures
Bobby Meanswell
Ahem... do you have a problem with "DnD playing, gaming, Myst card carrying, thick glasses wearing" people? I hope not. I really do. Because I would have phasers to stun...errr...
Poor Geeks...although I can totally see you laughing at them while they got their picture taken, freakin' too funny.

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