Friday, 22 December 2006

Santa Baby

I have been working my butt off. Pulling 50-55 hours a week on the Christmas party teet. Like an old boyfriend, I had romantized the hospitality industry, remembering all the good ol'times. I really had forgotten how much it just really f*^%ing sucks. This tired old bod just can't do it anymore.

All this and trying to get ready for Christmas. I made a very clear list of what the spouse and I need to do to be ready for the holiday and I can't decide if it feels like we will be ready. The fact that I am writing this at 3 a.m. and way past tired that I am almost awake again.....well maybe you can see where this is leading.

But I did it!!!! After so much begging from the spouse, I got him his DREAM Christmas present. The best part is he has no idea. I kept telling him we should save up. He had been begging for a new digital camera for 2 years. Ever since he drove away with the last one on the roof of the car. He insists this is not what happened, but that the car cleaners stole it when we returned the rental car. So I have been saving up on the sly. The deal was that we were going to wait and get a nice one, not a point and shoot, not just a cheapy charlie cause we wanted a new camera so badly but a real honest to goodness good one. So after much investigation and keeping a eye on the sales I did it today! I'm not even sure that I can wait. I am desprete to start playing with it. Even the guy at the camera shop said that it is an amazing camera. I bought the body and the basic lens, I figure we should learn how to use the stupid thing before we get too crazy on lens'. Besides fancy lens' weren't in the budget, I knew I had to spend a whap of cash this first trip to the camera store because you have to get a memory card, carrying case etc as well as the camera. I hope he loves it as much as I do. Shhhhhhhhh cause spouse doesn't know yet.

You're too young to have a 'tired old body'. Enough of that.
Maybe tired, but certainly not old.

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