Wednesday, 22 November 2006


I don't think in my whole life that I have ever bought myself underpants (whatever you do....don't say panties!)or socks. These are the few things in life that are and always will be supplied by my mother. Forever and always, christmas and birthday gifts are guaranteed to be supplemented with "ompants and tocks." The one thing that my mom can't seem to get right every time is the style of "ompants" that I prefer. I like bikini briefs ....not sport or high cut briefs, these are the ones that come up to your belly button and they have a tendency to sit right in the huge scar I have that runs across my belly. Nothing is more uncomfortable then elastic waistbands on scars. So the rule is, if mom gives me the wrong ones, I pass them on to my aunt who like this style.

Last year my spouse complained to me that he was in need of underpants. I told him Christmas was coming and certainly "Santa" would sort him out. Doesn't everyones Mom give them underwear for christmas? Christmas day when I recieved the 'wrong style', I put the unacceptable undies on our dresser to remind me to pass them on to the aunty the next day. That night when we were going to bed I came upstairs to find said spouse standing in front of the mirror in THE UNACCEPTABLE UNDIES. He turned looking at himself in the mirror, "these "santa" underpants don't really fit" You would think that the pink flowers would have given it away if not the waistband that very clearly says "Hains HER way"

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After that, they were STILL passed on to the aunty!

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