Friday, 20 April 2007

My Cheatin Heart

It's true. I have been unfaithful..........I am cheating on MySpace. After defending it's honour so many times, I have turned to Facebook. The spouse has had tons of luck finding loads of old grade and highschool and college chums. He is the most popular guy at Facebook. He found his grade three first girlfriend..........and a network of graduates from his highschool. To do any searches on my past I had to I did. And I have found 3 people..THREE PEOPLE!!!! One from highschool and two from somewhere I worked 3 years ago.......cause they would be hard to find! The only other friends I have on top of that are ones that the darling spouse has as well.......and they noticed I was on the site........mostly people that I have as friends here on MySpace. One thing that I will give FaceBook, they make it WAY easier to search for people. I have had a really hard time finding people here on MySpace.........but really.....who am I lookin for???

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Say it ain't so!

I cant find you on facebook. Me looked!

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Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.