Tuesday, 10 April 2007

making new school chums

So I have been back to school for 2 days......that's 3 classes so far. And I am already struggling with some of the very young girls in our class. Yesterday in our very first class a young maybe 20 year old who I will call.......um 'Oxana' was about 20 minutes late for class. The campus is complicated and it is easy to get lost so the teacher didn't say anything. As the 5 hour class progressed the teacher made a point of giving us the low down on her class rules. 1. Don't be late or don't bother interrupting. 2. Turn off your cell phone 3. If you are going to miss a class for any reason leave a message with front desk.....among other things. All of her requests/rules were all fair and respectful. Not 20 minutes after she gave these rules, Oxana's phone rings, she answers it and walks out of the class. When she returned about 10 minutes later the teacher repeated the rules and told her if it happened again, she would be marked absent from class (this school is so intensive that if you miss 2 classes, it's instant failure)

Today Oxana was late again, slipped in and sat behind me. Different teacher so she wasn't marked absent but during the lecture she started talking to the girl sitting beside her, about her boyfriend, at full volume. Now these classes are small, like 5 - 20 students small so if someone is talking, it is hard to ignore. After about 10 minutes of this and the teacher saying nothing I put up my hand. The teacher looked to me to ask my question but instead I asked if she would excuse me for a moment and I turned to the offending girls. "I didn't pay enormous amounts of money to hear you talk!" I then turned back to the teacher and said sorry. The teacher winked at me and continued on...

If you know the musical sing along with me...."I wanna be Pop U Lar"

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You're gonna be popular, just not as popular as me.

Bobby Meanswell
The behaviour of our 'youth' makes me weep for the future. Good on you for givin' her hell!

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