Saturday, 14 October 2006

life of leisure

I'm bored and everything sucks. This housewife thing isn't as cool as I thought. If you have no reason to get up and get don't. And then when my BIG STRONG MAN comes home at the end of the day, he's tired, wants to eat and go to bed. I'm dying for company, talk a mile a minute and follow him around the house telling him all about todays Oprah episode. Pretty much drive him crazy, he gets frustrated, I get defensive, needy and emotional. It's totally hot and makes me incredably attractive, especially when I haven't showered, have breakfast/lunch on my jammies and dirty bathrobe sleeves from being dipped in numerous cups of cold tea as I reach for the tv remote.

I decided yesterday would be different. I took a long bath, SHAVED MY LEGS and even waxed things. I put on CLEAN JAMMIES and skipped Oprah only to have absolutely NOTHING to talk about when the spouse came home.

Which things did you wax? Obviously I am thinking your girl bits, but maybe you mean the kitchen floor. Please explain in detail.

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