Friday, 17 November 2006

The Knife

My best friend for many years growing up was Alison. I spent almost every weekend at her house. They had a family story in her house about the time her grandfather pooped so big it wouldn't flush and he had to cut it up with a knife so it would go down. Every time I used a knife in their house, one of the family members would yell "that's THE knife".

I remember Alison. I somehow ended up with her cat, Syd. He slept inside car engines and once he jumped on the back of a pigeon as it was taking off from the porch roof. For 3 seconds Syd flew.....and then he landed hard on the sidewalk with a mouthful of pigeon feathers. I could almost see the little halo of tiny tweeting birds flying around his head.
I don't remember Syd. I do remember her weiner dog Toby who some how manage to steal a whole chicken off the table and eat the whole thing before anyone noticed. We spent the next couple of days pulling cooking string out of his ass.....which reminds me, I think averyone who has ever owned a cat has the memory of pulling christmas tinsle out of it's ass....
Syd used to travel back to my old apt. after I moved. He walked about 6 miles from west end to downtown. Took about a week. The tenants who replaced me would phone and say, "He's back."
I'd go pick him up and he was always extra fat.....stuffing himself at the back door of Mickey's Ribs, purring like an outboard motor.
Nope, can't say I've ever had the privilege of pulling string out of a cat's or a dog's butt.....but maybe one day.

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