Friday, 10 November 2006

jagged little pill

I have been curling up in a ball when it comes to writing.Writing is something I have done regularly my whole life - from diaries to letters and emails. I love to write and pride myself on pretty good at it - not in a I should be published kinda way - but in a comparative to others in my circle. I have also done alot of writing for work, manuals, phamplets, press releases, menus etc. I don't have trouble putting thoughts to paper (screen)

My trouble has more to do with content. I am still a housewife....and maybe if that's all I wanted to do or if I had truely claimed it as "my job" to be a housewife instead of something forced on me in the interm, I could get comfortable and get involved in the housewifeness. But I can't. Instead this feels like something that has happened to me. I don't want to make too many plans, or get too busy just encase work comes up.

But really, how many episodes of "The View" can I watch before I hire a hit man to kill Elizabeth Onmyback. How on earth did such a vacuous bore get a job talking about HER VIEW. Want to hear a different "younger" view. Talk to me or C8. We weren't raised in privileged money and married our college quarterback sweethearts. We've gotten a little dirty, done things that only bravery (some might say stupidity) can explain. That's interesting! That's worth writing about!! Maybe thats where I need to go, backwards and take a good long look at what "was", it might explain why what "is" is so hard to swallow.

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