Tuesday, 5 December 2006

I Want Stuff

I have No idea and a million ideas as to what I want for Christmas. The Mr. and I have been very frugal the last few years with buying a house that needed tons of work and then his return to school and trying to live solely off my income. So I have gotten use to wanting things but have forgotten the true meaning of GETTING them. Every holiday that rolled around we would ask politely for things for the house and remind everyone that we can't go crazy with shopping so don't go crazy on us. Last year I knit almost everything. But lately I have had the urge to be spoiled. Not only do we need stuff for the new house like a dresser for our bedroom and a cabinet for the tv but I need some clothes and a pair of winter boots and we need a vacuum and I need a couple of new pots and and and...........I Want Stuff!!!! IS that soooo BAD?
I am back at work, no more housewife for me.

The 'housewife' thing wears pretty thin pretty fast. You're far too smart and creative for that role.

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