Saturday, 21 October 2006

Halloweeny goodness

The "spouse" and I have decided what we are going to be for Halloween!!


I have a blond wig, a T-shirt that I have glitter glued "Mrs. Federline" on the front, a large doll that I bought a baby football shirt for and with a black felt tip, in bold letters wrote "Sean P" on the back and will add a bandage to his head. I thought a mixed drink and smoke in my hands at all times and maybe drop the baby occasionally. I think I need to be pregnant as well. Make-up shouldn't be a problem but I am unsure of bottoms - pants, skirt, shoes??? Anyone have any Britney ideas, please feel free to write me!!

My K Fed is wearing jeans, a wife beater, suit jacket, doo rag (or is it do -rag?) hat and chains and a fedora. He is growing in some stubble.....again we are't quite sure what will make it an absolute give away. Nothing is worse then everyone asking you what you are!!
The final costumes, you can see my 'pregnant' pillow through the shirt

Gertie (my dog) has decided to be Snow White.....AGAIN!! Boy she loves that costume!
That sounds good. Mike could also wear extra droopy track pants. I also think he needs a doo-rag under the fedora. He just needs to throw the phrase "popozao" around and people will get it. And if they don't he can threaten to "pop a clock" in their faces. Or something like that, I can't quite get the wiggerisms correct anymore. Or, he can merely answer "yo" to any question.
Conversely, I have been dreaming of dressing as Stuart and his mom for Weenzers. Of course, there's no chance in HELL Paul'd go for it, so it really is a pipe dream. But I'd sure like to see him with a straw-y blond wig and tons of blusher on. He'd be cute as a button. I do believe I am completely Hallowe'ened out after so many years at Malabar.

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