Monday, 9 October 2006

get stuffed

Here in Canada we are finishing up Thanksgiving weekend and I tried again to win the turkey eating award but alas......there is aways a stronger competitor that brings me to my knees. Two days and two houses of roasted bird!! Oh the carnage!!

One thing that aways becomes apparent during the holidays is how the majority of the world CAN'T cook. I fully admit my snobbiness, my foodiness. It's true that I TIVO all episodes of The Barefoot Contessa and anything with Nigella Lawson and then TAKE NOTES but really people HOW CAN YOU SCREW UP MASH POTATOES??!!

I don't understand people who make meals for themselves and family everyday and make sincerely terrible food. Have they never eaten good food so they have nothing to compare it too?? Do most compare a good pasta dinner to Kraft Dinner? At some point you would think that even by accident some decently cook something past their lips and they thought "geez, that's kinda tasty, wonder how they done that?" AND LOOKED INTO IT.

So this weekend I did eat an unusual version of wallpaper paste drowning in canned gravy, stuffing made from PAXO breadcrumbs AND NOTHING ELSE and a dessert that I think was condensed milk with chocolate chips in a store bought graham cracker crust. The "chef" then spent over an hour telling me she couldn't have done it without the help of COSTCO!!!

Currently reading : The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook By Ina Garten Release date: 06 April, 1999

I think that a lot of people just don't know what good food is. Nor do they care to. Jill's husband can't even make instant mashed potatoes, he somehow came up with glue. And he doesn't care. He'd eat it happily. As far as Matt's concerned, food is food, it's only skateboarding fuel, nothing worth spending a lot of time worrying about.
Although, I do hear he makes really good pizza.

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