Tuesday, 5 December 2006


I haven't been home to be making dinners the last week and I miss it. I love cooking! But tonight I made a very nice lasagna. Here's what I did:

Sauted large onion with 3 cloves of garlic until soft. Mixed together one container of ricotta, one box of frozen spinach (thawed and squeezed of liquid) with onion/garlic mixture. I added a bit of grated parm and mozza.

In a sauce pan I simmered one can of plum tomatoes that had been pureed in a blender, added some olive oil, fresh basil and a knob of butter to make it rich.
I boiled up some lasagna noodles, I had found spinach lasagna noodles which I didn't even know existed and inspired me to make the dish.

I layered sauce, noodles, blobs of ricotta mixture and grated mozza until out of noodles then threw the whole thing in a 375 oven for 45 minutes. Once cooled, very good and not so saucy that it falls apart. The thing I like about lasagna is, it always taste better the next day.

Mmmmm, sounds yummy. I often throw in sauted zuchini and sweet peppers too. Mmmmm and yeah, always better one and two days later. All the moisture is kind of sucked up by then.

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