Friday, 17 November 2006

deal breakers II

The biggest failings or deal breakers in my memory are of friendships not romantic relationships. AT least they are my most interesting...

Crissy - She was so painfully insecure that she had to sleep with every boy that we (my best girl and I) thought was cute. We would be out at a club together and one of us would notice someone cute across the room, cute enough to comment.....Chrissy would sleep with him. Best girl and I started picking out horrible guys "he's not classically good looking but he is so sexy".......Chrissy would sleep with him. "He reminds me of Marilyn Manson and Marilyn Manson is a ROCK STAR"......Chrissy would sleep with him. "He would be TOTALLY hot if he didn't smell so bad".........Chrissy would sleep with him. After a few months of this game, best girl and I got bored......of Chrissy.

Steph - I had known Steph for many years. We kinda grew up together. I always really liked her independent spirit, free thinker attitude. I was the classic high school football player dater popular type, while she was protesting animal rights. Something happened in our late teens early twenties......she changed. It started small. I told her I wanted to see all the movies nominated for Oscars that year. Told her all my plans to fit them all in and why this was important to me(I fancied myself an actress). Later that day while we were out I overheard her telling a boy I was interested in all about how SHE was planning to see all the Oscar nominated movies this year and how and why...........OR the time she also went out and bought all the clothes that I had put on hold during a earlier shopping trip together, FOR HERSELF. It wasn't till we were out together and I recognized an item, that I realized that everything she had on was what I had on hold.............OR the night I had a date (that I wasn't that keen on but he had been very persistant) and both of us ended up crashing at Steph's place (she lived near the club) although I was asleep in the same bed as him, nothing had happened. I woke up in the night to hear her screwing him in the bed beside me!!......OR when she showed up at my wedding party with her boyfriend's bestfriend because he had said that he would marry her when she told him that her boyfriend wouldn't. After he said this, she dumped her boyfriend and announced at my wedding party that her and new guy were getting married.......they had been dating for two weeks. I never saw her again. I just couldn't imagine myself learning all the words to "Me and my creepy obsessive shadow"

That bitch!

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