Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Clearing my Throat of all Blame

The Beasts in the cave have been fighting!! No, not just fighting - screaming! There is something soooo weird about not knowing anything about someone's life except what they fight about.

She thinks that he is lazy and messy and could do more around the house.
He thinks that she is nagging and shouldn't take her bad days out on him.

The spouse and I haven't had a screamer in a really long time. The closest we have come to a fight recently...........hemmmmmmmmm....

We have had to start figuring out what we are going to do about our finances once he is the sole wage earner (april). At the moment I am the one in charge of 'the books' and although he contributes heavily to the $$ pot I have always been kinda resentful that I have to 'worry' about the money. He claims that he would do it if I let him but he thinks that I don't trust him to get it done right.

Last week I was in the kitchen making dinner when he received an email informing him that he bounced his car insurance payment (this is the only bill he pays). I figured out what had happened by his cursing and mumbling. I walked into the study with 'that' look, the one that kinda says 'I told you so' mixed with 'I TOLD YOU SO!'. He took one look at me and told me to FUCK OFF!

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Maybe the beasts will split up and I get their place!!! Ohhh, you should encourage this behaviour by stamping around at 3am (to wake them up and make them extra tired and grouchy) and blaring Rush at the same time. That would make anyone mental.

Or maybe talk really loudly to Mike about how uncomfortable it makes me that Rob (guy downstairs) is always hitting on me. That might work too

OR, you can act like your neighbors on Pape..I am quite sure that will make them move out; after you get Mike out of jail you can go get C8 from the train station and she can move it the newly vacated cave. :)
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