Monday, 26 February 2007

Camping Smamping

So I am so very alone for a few days.......the spouse is off WINTER CAMPING...... I would use a font that had icicles hanging from it if such a thing existed. I guess I should be use to his great outdoors sports man likeness but some of it just seems........well dumb. I find sitting in my livingroom looking out the window about as much of winter as I can stand. I just don't get the attraction, it's COLD and usually WINDY and sometimes WET. You have to wear tons of clothing most of which smashes down your arm hairs in the wrong direction. And SOCKS!! Who invented this torturess device?? AND there just isn't any pretty winter footwear.....I could go on

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How many arm hairs do you have?

Em's a regular red headed bear. Or a red headed gorilla. Orangutan? Fur city, baby.

Bobby Meanswell
Winter Camping builds character and helps one better appreciate the
conveniences of modern day living. I sorely wish I had been with your spouse on his grand adventure...sigh.

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