Friday, 9 March 2007

Borrower....try STEALER

In all of my perfect Zenness (yes it's a word), I try not to be attached to my 'things', 'bow-lllooong-ings' but it's hard. I like my 'stuff', my shiit!

So where is all my shit?? Like where are my Harry Potter Movies???? I used to have all three, now I just have number 3. Or where is my new Madonna CD? I have the case, proof that I owned it at some point but where is the actual disk? Or my knitting book, the one that was the size of a magazine but had a very good section to describe really hard stitches?......where the f%^$k is that?? Or I swear that at some point I owned a brown leather purse but now it seems that I only have black ones? And for that matter, I thought I owned some red leather gloves, but they aren't in with our winter stuff. Or my copy of 'The Professor and The Madman'? one of my all time favorite books.....GONE!! And my waist, where the hell did my waist go?

Currently reading : Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Book 4) By J.K. Rowling Release date: 08 July, 2000


You have absolutely lost your mind.......maybe ALL of it is wherever you left yer mind!

little Miss Imitation
when you find those 'red gloves' can i borrow them? i feckin' love red:)
seriously...i'll trade you for the waist...yes it was me...thought you wouldn't notice:(
but i'll return it...but only if i can borrow those gloves

Bobby Meanswell
I have a confession to make. I believe I have in my posession the first installment of Harry Potter, borrowed in 2003 from you, and collecting dust among my DVD's: A transgression that I shant easily forgive myself for. I will return said DVD with a thousand pardons. I however have no knowledge of your knitting books...

BAS Tard

Unforgivable.....hey do you have both 1 and 2?

Bobby Meanswell
Nah. I only have the first one. Anyway, I'm not the only one. If I'm not mistaken my books "Godforsaken Sea" and Earnest Shackleton's "South" are somewhere among your books, borrowed many moons ago by your spouse and never returned to the rightful owner, i.e. 'Me'. I believe a hostage exchange is in order.

It's true, negotiations shall begin. Call out number between 7:01 and 7:02 tonight. Let it ring twice then hang up. We will return call between 8:47 and 8:48, letting it ring once to confirm that we received your call. Then......wait.....what was I talking about?

Ok, wait a minute. I was going to confess about a few things, but I have a question first. Mike borrowed books? Since when does Mike READ??? Isn't he too busy with hockey, trees, funny videos, beer and farting?
I have several books, I think. Freakanomics, for sure, and probably more. I dont think I have any movies or cd's though. And no purses, shoes, makeup, waist or Harry freakin' Potter.

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