Monday, 15 October 2007

Babies are such a great way to make people

Today is the first day that I truely don't HAVE to do something. We have been so busy around here and the pressure is on to be ready for the arrival. It is like the months of planning that it takes to be ready for Christmas.

This weekend was the baby shower. I haven't even been to very many of these but this was a big one...FOR US!! We had close to 60 people and it took me over an hour to open all the presents.......the spouse didn't help at all.....I find this kind of intense attention over whelming but because everyone is so truely excited about these babies, it made it so much fun.

A million pictures were taken and because I always have such good fortune, my aunt Lizzie sat beside me during the gift opening, my aunt Lizzie who weights about 100lbs soaking wet and is maybe 5' tall. Now I am big, I'm almost 8 months pregnant with twins for gods sake! But if there is going to be documentation of the hugeness, does it have to be me with the smallest person we could find??? Besides that, you put 60 people in our house and it gets hot, so I am this bright red volcano about to burst in all the pictures. It almost looks like I am having a temper tantrum and holding my breath until I get the present I want!!

Is this it???

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